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  1. They had a small trailer of TUT.
  2. He had a ginormous honker of a pimple on his nose, that's why!
  3. Oh cripes Tracy, I'm going for a sonogram for my heart on Wednesday = now I'm thinking what the guy (I know it's a guy) is going to look like! Thank God your results were good. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Love you, Joanie
  4. OMG you girls are so observant! These old eyes would have never spotted that! There are pictures of him walking Lolita on the set too. Have a Happy Easter. Hugs, Joanie
  5. Thank you for the pre-Easter treat!
  6. Excuse me, I'm 66 years young and have been running a Gerard Butler fan group in our local supermarket for the past 2 years. The average age is 33-43 - that's right, I'm the old timer. The girls love how much info I have on him and the fact that I have ALL his movies. They make sure to ask me any trivia questions they have on him and like it when I bring in pictures from my computer for them. I'm so glad I'm retired, I'd never have time for this when I worked. Love it! Hugs, Joanie ps. My 3 year old grandson sees Gerry's picture on my cellphone and calls him "Gerry Bop Bop".
  7. Remember that song "I Love You Just the Way You Are"? Yeah baby - sigh!!
  8. HELP! When I try to see the video it says "video removed". Waaaaaa.
  9. Wow what a hot "older" man he's going to make.
  10. My sympathy and tears go with you. I lost my Spike 1 year ago to lymphoma. I had him for 10 years. I'm so lonely without him being that I'm housebound and retired. I just can't bring myself to get another cat. I thought I would outlive Spike and was going to make provisions in my will because I know my sons would put him out but he passed. I don't want to have to put another cat to sleep or have him/her pass from illness. Please take care and know my prayers are with you. Hugs, Joanie
  11. I LOVE it! When I was a little girl (a looong time ago) my friends and I used to dress up in our mother's sheer curtains and one of the neighbors' tiny high heels she donated to us. Fun, fun - no tv (I told you it was long ago) but we had a ball. These girls are so talented. They really gave me a lot of laughs. Thanks Joanie
  12. Thanks that was fantastic. I wonder how many times they watched Gerry in POTO? Probably just as much as me. Very talented girls and creative. Someone should get this to Gerry, he'd probably love it. Joanie
  13. THAT'S what you were doing up north!! Lucky stiff. Hugs, Joanie OOPS wrong Frannie!! Sorry.
  14. My son owns a tattoo parlor. You'd be surprised at what and where people tattoo! Joanie
  15. Hi, Fran, picture Gerry on the mechanical bull with tattoos on his arms and a sleeveless t-shirt! Ok, now I have to take my meds! Hope you're feeling better. NY misses you. Joanie
  16. Hi Fran, glad to see you're feeling better - don't overdo it. Put your feet up and watch Gerry's movies all day. Did you get RocknRolla yet? I did - that movie cracks me up! Please Fran take care. Love you, Joanie ps NY still misses you!
  17. OMG I guess he hugged you? All my friends tease me that if we ever met him in person, they would have to hold me up! I would like to meet him and then I can leave this world HAPPY! Joanie
  18. Lisa, if Gerry's in New York for any length of time, he'll be familiar with Yiddish!
  19. Fran, the Tonight Show has this guy (I can't remember his name) and he stays on the red carpet and does crazy things with the stars. He had plastic bags and was asking the stars to give him samples of DNA, wiping their ear with a q-tip, wiping their make-up off on a tissue, etc When he started talking to Gerry, Gerry's face was so funny - he was cracking up at this guy. He is very obviously "flamboyant" and has a high pitched voice but is so nice. The guy said to Gerry something about "300" and he asked Gerry for something. So Gerry held open his shirt and pulled out a chest hair (I was dying) and put it in the plastic bag the guy was holding! Gerry was laughing too. Alan and his friends were watching. The guy then went to Jay Leno's show with a basket of all the plastic bags and Jay wouldn't TOUCH it! What a great skit. Oh yeah, the girl from House, (Cuddy) gave a plastic jar filled with yellow liquid!
  20. I WAS HYSTERICAL! He was great and soooo funny. He went right along with it. (I want that plastic bag with the chest hair in it)!! He looked fantastic too. Love you Gerry, thanks for keeping it real! The faces he was making....PRICELESS! Joanie
  21. Thanks, you got beautiful pictures of him smiling!
  22. When I went to see RocknRolla, I went with a friend. Gerry comes on screen and I start with my silly giggle. The movie was SO funny! My friend and I laughed and enjoyed RnR immensly! Please buy or rent it when it comes out on DVD. My friend has been to all of Gerry's movies with me and she really enjoyed RnR. I can't wait to see TUT. My friends saw Benjamin Button and said it was good but TOO long. Hugs to all, Joanie
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