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  1. Libby was indeed a very special person. She made me feel so welcome at that first convention when none of us knew one another in person. It was like finding a special friend that you had known all along. I can only imagine the loss that her family feels now. Rest in peace, Dear Libby. You made a difference to a lot of us in this world. Love to you always. Jill
  2. Thanks Elissa for the game and thanks for the reminder, Suzie! I will go with Movie 43 and Tale of the Mummy. Hugs all!
  3. I vote off Set and send Johnnie to the Island. Sorry I'm late in voting. Been entertaining my young nephews this week. I forgot how exhausting it is with young kids. lol
  4. Since I haven't seen the movie, I'll send Set home and send One-Two to the island. Gotta love the dance moves.
  5. I think I will vote off Clyde and send sweet Johnnie to Exile Island
  6. Still in the mood to kick off Kable. I'll send One-Two to Exile Island since I'm in the middle of watching RocknRolla and I'm enjoying his moves.
  7. Oh, can't send Dracula home so I vote Dracula to Exile Island this week. I vote to kick Kable to the kurb. (yes, I know how to spell curb.)
  8. Thanks for posting my vote, Elissa! I really appreciate that. I can go with the the two cheaters this week as well. Neil and Sam (OMK) bu-bye boys.
  9. I will go with Marty and Jackie Jr. this week.
  10. I think I'm actually going along with the pack this week...maybe...lol Giving the boot to Charles-again a camel? Really? And Yasha-your giggle is infectious but *snorrrrreeeeeefest* of a movie.
  11. I'm working out the timing with some family stuff that's hitting right about the same time but as soon as I know for sure if I'm clear, you can bet I'll be there!
  12. All righty...somehow I completely missed voting last week. Will try to stay on top of this. I'm going to still aim my vote at Charles Bellamy because a camel...really? He may have been suffering, Irish, but he still had other alternatives. My second vote will go to Yasha. Loved the giggles but the movie makes me want to down a bottle of Scotch just to get through it.
  13. I'm going to go with Burke because I really don't remember his part at all in this and Charles Bellamy because he was an idiot. lol
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