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  1. Well....tonight will be leftovers but yesterday I made a traditional pot roast with potatoes and carrots!!! It was heavenly!! I got some fresh rolls to have with it and applesauce!! Instead of making it in a crock pot, I simmered it on the stove for about 4 hours. I used a pkg of Lipton Beefy Mushroom powder mix to simmer the roast in - boy or boy was it tasty!! I even brought a plate down to my landlord (((hugs))) Linda
  2. Hmmmm....interesting.... Thanks Swannie for the information! Personally...I don't blame him one bit!!! I would have done the same if someone was following me around and in my face....For as much as I dislike Brittney Spears I feel sorry for her that she has no private life....same with Lindsey Lohan and all of those stars who have to live day in and day out that way. I saw the video of Gerry examining the tonsils of that woman outside (hee-hee) and I felt sorry for him then too - and her! Sheesh....it's not against the law to kiss for crying out loud and it'd be nice to be able to smoo
  3. O.k....I know GALS doesn't support rumors so I'm not going to ask to hear a rumor... Why did Angles Close? I tried to find the answer in this thread but couldn't locate an exact answer to that particular question and when I tried to google it - nothing came up. Someone mentioned that the Admin. stated "why" they were closing and so I'd like to know why if someone would be so kind to enlighten me I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Linda
  4. Oh Dear...I think I may have opened a can of worms here. I agree with Susan...we don't know her (JA) personally and I base my liking of her on her tact and grace through out her break up with Brad. She never lost her cool, she never talked poorly about him or Angie. I went through a similar break up and I handled it extremely poorly in comparison.... She appeares to be strong and continues to move forward with life and relationships. She's not a drinker, and she doesn't draw attention to herself. She's got good friends and spends quality time with them. And it seems that the elite
  5. Ooooo....I am hoping for a love interest!! I know we're not supposed to do that but Jennifer is a sweetheart and she knows what it's like to get hurt and I think she deserves a great guy like Gerry. I'm gonna hope that love finally finds our guy and he lives happily ever after!!
  6. Not that the movie is all that old but I think Gerry would be challenged if asked to do a re-make of "Philadelphia". Tom Hanks did a superior job but the movie is slow and drags - it's a great story but I think it would have made a bigger statement if Tom's Character had a few more balls....ahem...pardon the pun No....I don't think Gerry should be cast as a homosexual - but rather - as a person fighting for his personal rights!! Linda
  7. Le Sigh.... 20 or 200....he's still......well, you know
  8. Pffffftttt..........can you even imagine???? I'd be like......."Where ever the hell you want!!!" Calm...
  9. Found this just now..... Just Jared.....dinner at waverly inn
  10. Thank you for your understanding!

  11. I've got a stalker who has disrupted my life and prior to you posting your personal information (age, location, etc.) I thought she had found me here too. Yes, it's a female and she's destroying my life. Sorry for the harsh words but I'm at my wits end and when I saw you had looked at my profile along with being new...I thought you were her. Sorry

  12. I know who you are....back off!!

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about Dee's passing. Through all of the posts in this thread it is apparent she was loved by many and very deserving of such adoration! Susan....I loved the thoughts you expressed and could almost picture it in my mind! And so....she already has her hands full and is probably loving every minute of it! Buzzing from here to there checking on her personal family....her family here....and popping in on our G. to make sure he didn't miss that little spot in the middle of his back while in the shower....... Hmmmm......I'm sure she's ginning from ear to ear now! :inlove
  14. :tasty: Pfffffft.....some people have all the luck!! Never in my whole life did I ever wish I were her.....until now (((hugs))) Linda
  15. Well....for me???? I'd spend the rest of my life "facing" him so I could stare into those beautiful eyes of his and it would take an act of "you know who" to tear me away!!!!! Thanks Stef!!!! They look wonderful!!!! You gotta love air-brushing!!!!!
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