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    hanging out with my daughter, my many pets, old movies, horror novels, science-that's what I teach (yes, I'm a science "geek"), needlepoint, tarot reading, candlemaking, my spirituality. oh yes, and of course, GERRY!

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  1. Hey everyone! That poster *sigh* -he's so beautiful. Just got back from visiting my sister and her hubby in Middleburgh, NY, which I've renamed Middle of Nowhere, NY (no offense intended if anyone here is from there). For a NYC gal like me, any place in the mountains that overlooks a cornfield, like her back yard, is beyond my ken. It was lovely, but so weird to me! back to work in 4 more days-nooooooooooooooo!!! Hugs, Isabella
  2. Whoo hoo Swannie-send some of those dreams my way!! I've been doing major house cleaning since summer's almost over, and it's back to work very soon for me. (I think we teachers are worse than kids about going back!) Anyway, big overhaul of my daughter's room now that she's almost 11 and wants a teenager's room instead of a kid's room. I'm exhausted!!! I was so happy to catch Timeline on TV the other day. I just love Gerry as Marek, especially because of his lovely accent being so pronounced-- I just faint. (Of course, the part where he takes his shirt off isn't bad either ) HEY FRANNIE-it's nice and cool here in NY!! Stay cool in that pool (or hot if you're thinking of Attila!) Hugs to everyone, Isabella
  3. Hey all SUE-the baby is soooo cute!! ROSE-Welcome-you'll love it here! FRAN-congrats on the bar! I know I've missed the news, so where is it? Well, today I was trying to rearrange my living room while watching the the SciFi channel-problem was there were two 300 DVD commercials during each commercial break! I had to stop working and stare at the TV every time it came on, and almost fell off the stepstool too! I didn't get much done after all! Hugs to all -Isabella
  4. MEL, FRAN, MARIANNE!!! Thank you! Jobella Nice to meet you!! (Your daughter has a beautiful name!) -Isabella
  5. ACK-I haven't been here since early JUNE! I'm sorry-don't throw things! I have a lot of reading to do. I see things are busy here (as usual)! I was just going through some stuff-and when that happens I just kind of get lost in myself, you know, and don't want to talk about it or anything else. But now its done so I can tell you. I was waiting for what I felt would be the final custody hearing with my ex and was really nervous. But after 26 months and $30,000 lawyer fees, I can tell you that I finally won-that psycho is out of our lives! After that, my daughter and I took a few weeks vacation just to get away from it all! It's good to be here. I missed you all-and catching up on Gerry! (((((hugs))))) -Isabella
  6. Hey everyone Sue-CONGRATS!! He's a little cutie. You daughter-in-law is pretty amazing! Fran-West Coast-? Perish the thought-we East Coast GALS need you!! Cheri- Sounds like it was a heckuva dream! All is well here. Remember when I told you my friend from upstate came to visit? Apparently, it rekindled a little something in his heart. He has called and/or e-mailed at least once a day since he's been here, telling me how great a time he had and that he misses me. Um..ok..I told him I noticed that he finally learned how to dial a phone--he hardly every called me in the entire 29 years I've known him. Not a phone person, he always asked me to call him! This is too weird. Hugs, Isabella
  7. Hi All!! Jenn-hope your son's finger feels better soon! Hugs to everyone having tests and/or awaiting results. Usual craziness around here-I'm in major housecleaning mode-my best friend of 30 years is coming down to visit from upstate for the weekend. We haven't seen each other in 7 years. Oh yeah, and did I mention it's a guy? Anyway, I don't want him to know how disorganized I am these days-everything is getting tossed in the closet!! One of my students whispered to me that his mom just joined GALS-so welcome to Riol96! gotta run-going to the gutter! -Isabella
  8. Hi everyone! Court crisis temporarily averted-I'm back to relax and enjoy our celebration of Gerry. I do have to say I'm green with envy over all the GALS going to Vegas. Too bad its right at the end of the school year and I can't get off (or afford it with all these legal costs). Anyway, court was postponed until june 12-the judge was mad my psycho ex hadn't arranged to see my daughter in 17 months and didn't do his court-ordered psychotherapy, so for me, overall, it went well. Irish-Gerry was in NY yesterday?!! I was in Manhattan all day--if I'd only known... Fran- Hey!!! I'm out of the loop-where are you house shopping? Zena-welcome to the insanity! Hugs to all! -Isabella
  9. Hi. I've been gone over a week, I think. I feel like every time I come here, I'm in th midst of another crisis. I"m really sorry, I haven't read through posts. I'm just too depressed and nervous. This is long-sorry I was going to post this in the general area, but I wanted more people to see this. If anyone is really familiar with family court procedures, could you PM me? My ex had a year, on top of 6 months prior, to set up supervised visits with his daughter, and if he doesn't by that time, he forfeits his rights. He still has not done it, and the year ends on june 7. For many terrible reasons, my daughter does not want to see him, she worries every day that he will arrange it. Anyway, he served me with a summons for court next Friday, because he wants his passport, which the judge took last time because he threatened to take her to his country (El Salvador). I want to postpone court until after june 7, so the judge doesn't remind him about or make him set up those visits. My lawyer says that won't work because if we postpone he will still show up and will be able to speak and we won't be there. That doesn't make sense to me. Shouldn't my lawyer call his lawyer if we get a postponement? and if my ex goes, wouldn't they just tell him the new date and not hear him at that time?. I don't trust my lawyer because although he's done a decent job, he's money hungry and gets snippy with me. but he's been on the case a while and i can't afford to pay someone new another retainer anyone know about this? I just feel like I can't handle this any more, its been going on for years and the stress is killing me love to you all-miss you Isabella
  10. I love Leo, but Erik will always have my heart. I vote Erik to win! (sorry Leo) -Isabella
  11. Just floating in!! hey Fran-glad to hear the you-know-what (I won't say it!) is still on! We got a beating here in Queens too--my basement flooded, so did my mom's, my brother's, and my other brother had water coming down his fireplace. My neighbor upstairs (its a 2-family condo) is so annoying, she knocked on my door like it was my fault and asked me what I was going to do about it!!! Um...call maintenance? hope they actually come? (they didn't) . No point getting all excited about it, happens all the time here..there's a lot bigger things in life to worry about, and a lot nicer things to think about! hugs to everyone! and welcome to you, Zena! -Isabella
  12. Quick drive by.. I'm just happy the weekend is here, and I only had a three day work week! Fran-if LI starts to go under, drive west very fast -you can stay with me in Queens! -Isabella
  13. Thanks Fran! I just took a trip to the gutter-feeling sooo much better already!! going to the gallery now... -Isabella
  14. Hi everyone. I'm so sorry I haven't been around-I need to go back and read everyone's posts! It was just one thing after another the past few weeks--the most recent... I messed up and (accidentally) skipped a mortgage payment, and got a foreclosure notice, and, of course, the scary summons guy came pounding on my door. The fee to reinstate my mortgage cost much more than I actually owed, so I had to break a CD that I was saving for my daughter's education. Plus I didn't want my crazy ex to find out because I don't want him knowing my business, which would give him a reason to talk to me. I just got all stressed out and couldn't concentrate, even to come here! I think I'm almost back to "normal" (whatever that is) now. I hope everyone is well. Lots of hugs to you all. -Isabella
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