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  1. Yeah I love him the way he is with his pizazz: joking, thoughtful, straightforward, sometimes annoyed, smart, blunt, and modest too. A flat personality, sweet all the time mild type with no spark would be boring. But so too would be one that habitually steps into the bounds of what is considered extreme (I don't know how to describe it but you know it when you see it in people; it's really off-putting). I've never seen that in him, and I assume that's because he keeps his personality swings within wide (scintillating), but acceptable parameters.
  2. Well, I got my room reserved. Where are you guys going to be staying? Upper or lower - he said there are 28 floors.
  3. Yeah, it's fun to speculate, but I want to meet the gals.
  4. Whoo Hoo, I'm all registered. I wonder what I'll do for talent night? Oh yeah, I forgot, I don't have any. Whew! I'm safe. P.S. If anyone wants me to sign my book "The Pledge," well, it's not really a book yet, but anyway, I could bring print outs. (just kidding)
  5. :funnyabove: @ the phrases in bold above An Oscar worthy performance indeed! But, I don't hold much faith in the supposed "experts" that vote for the oscars. Gerry already has a few performances that were worthy. And the movies that I usually like throughout the year are hardly ever considered. Usually the nominated movies are ones that I thought "That doesn't even look like it would interest me" when I saw the preview. Gerry's POTO was oscar worthy. Really amazing performance.
  6. OK, I'm brave, I've had wine tonight. Any one know Gerry's phone number?
  7. Yeah so just eat the whole bag and call it one (bag). Some are big, some are little, they balance each other out.
  8. I'm sorry mousie. She should have been. No, you're not a crybaby at all!!
  9. WuliMasterBR


    Lucky for you it was intimate but the people who watched were people of integrity who loved all beasts of the fields (large and small, smart and dumb or smart in some areas but not others - but you get the idea).
  10. I wouldn't do that to another woman knowingly but some women do. You should tell him straight up what you did and why. Explain that you are uncomfortable with him talking to other women on a website you are not privy to.
  11. Prayers go with Bella. Yeah Irene, great story, more! Pilar, gals wouldn't lead astray - go for it! Lady Elissa you must join us in drooling over our beloved Gerry. He's so gorgeous and wonderful. :inlove:
  12. I choose whichever is genuinely the right and best thing for me to do and I hope it doesn't involve any kind of torture. Please...no guy is worth that.
  13. That boat ride of Gerry's - I hope it wasn't one of those boats people sometimes vanish from mysteriously.
  14. I guess you missed the yeah right I was trying to be mindful of the fact that I wasn't in the Gutter! Sometimes one has to behave like a lady instead of a tramp. Besides, how do you know "having tea" isn't a euphamism for something else (that I just made up.) Lust is fun, cool, good, in its proper context, but it is only a small piece of the pie. Not the driving force. This is way bigger than us gals. I certainly don't have the answers. Do you?
  15. Yeah me too. Me 3! Split personality. :tasty:
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