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  1. I'm sure he will go to The Highlands to be with family, I don't think he would miss that. Lady1
  2. Girls did you ever think that he knew her from before? She wasn't always married and used to live in London. We all know the razzi and Italian press love to start rumours. It may of been old friends catching up on things. Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. Didn't Gerard say in an early interview that there was an older woman who he lost during his crazy days? Well that's all I have to say. Lady1
  3. When all news came from Ischia, it was listed that Eleanora was 50+ with 3 children married to an Older Italian man. The razzi also reported that her hubby was very pissed at way she and Gerry were acting. Now remember this is the Italian press we are talking about, they love to invent scandal. The pictures are not new, they are from Ischia and can also be found on GBNET.in GBNET gallery. I also read on another site that she is now divorced but remember also that is also a rumour. I don't think we will ever know what really happened. Lady 1
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    The drunk tart who grabbed his arse, later apologised to him and yes he did say he had a large P if they wanted to grab something. He also mentioned the c word too. He then turned and said something like I'm so F-ing fed up with these fans, which I think was understandable after what happened. I was told this by a tart who saw everything, whose name won't be told, but it was first hand. She also said Alan didn't like the language he used very much, he had upset look on his face. Lady1
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    what gets me is they treat us like children, someone talks about something then subject is closed if we are not to wonder or talk about it don't say anything. If T or Mo would come on and set us straight rumours would go away, this was way they treated TIFF fiasco too. Lady 1
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    I really don't know any details, supposedly Phantom Square Pants heard from someone that there was a stalker in Montreal. I finally tracked her down and she said people got it wrong she was talking about Toronto. Yet Neko said there was a stalker and not to talk about it in chat. So your guess is as good as mine. Wish I knew what was really going on, that's all I can tell you. Lady1
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    Just wondered if anyone on this site knew about Gerry's possible stalker in Montreal as reported by PSP.Lot of rumours floating around, Neko told everyone not to talk about it but some of it had been said already. I really hate it when they shut a topic down like that. will be in later to check on post.
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