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  1. all i can say is, "Great God Almighty! Can I get a witness!!!!!! :party-smiley-048: :headspin: dang! there'd better be air conditioning! :woah: btw, thx for the post.....i so needed a fresh Gerry charge! aaaaaaand.... have a blast Gerry! barbara
  2. I can't wait! :spinny: i just received my copy of Fast Food to add to my Gerry collection and to drool over tonight . wish i could get my hands on the entire series Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married. But alas and alack there doesn't seem to be any anywhere . if anyone in the UK or from anywhere, has recorded the series and can make me a copy, i'd be willing to pay any costs, postage, etc. :ohbaby2: but anyway, i am so very excited! :tasty: can't wait to see Gerry in those infamous leopard undies! ok...don't get me wrong. i love the eye candy :wub: , but i love to watch yet a
  3. Gerry! Happy happy happy Birthday! Wishing you great success and recognition for all the hard work you do. You are talented, charming, sexy, sincere, intense, funny, personable and genuine. You are one hard working Scot! Good luck and Happy Birthday! And extended thanks to your Mom for bringing you into this world. She must be very proud. Sincerely, Barbara aka Succumb2me
  4. :shocked: what is happening on the 4th? because i'm new to the site there is much i don't know. can you tell me about the bday bash? when? etc?
  5. thx sue! i was in the city today.i actually went to what i believe is the next filming location. i figured i'd check it out. i asked one of the filming crew at the last filming location for the next location. he gave me the name of a place that i'm not quite sure about. so i don't want to state something that may not be a fact yet. the place actually does exist but i'm still not sure if it is the correct location. i also got there kind of late. 12:30pm-ish. i'm sure that they start filming early. and anyways, it's all going to be studio work. but i will definitely try again. i'm a polite fan.
  6. ok...i'm a newbie, so bear (sic?) with me. what 3 means to me. in my gerry world, it would be : - his talent (he is truly an amazing actor) - his looks (need i say more?) :wub: - and his personality (infectious, charming, and delightful *hmmmm - another 3?*. ) in that other world (boooooring!) it would be - - my raging hormones, still alive and kicking! - my appreciation (of finding you gals! and gerry!) - and my dreams (of better times yet to come!) :headspin:
  7. omg. wouldn't that make my life complete?! oh, to dream! perchance to.....*snaps back to reality* *sigh* i wish i wish i wish. and ! :mrkilty: :meninkilts:
  8. hello! i'm a newbie! i am so excited for you! :goodjob2: i am new to this forum and i'm still trying to find my way around. congrats on your meeting gerry. this is truly amazing! i have been trying to track down the filming sites. i came close. they are still filming in the city and will be filming until christmas. don't know much more, but being that i live in the city (actually a borough right outside - Brooklyn) i am a hop, skip and a leap from the city. so, hopefully i can have a gerry story to share too. if not, well...it's ok. seeing him here and in pics will have to be ok for me.
  9. i humbly stand corrected . i didn't know that there was an albany in oregon! i live in nyc and our capitol is albany. sry... :woah:
  10. last minute notice. i just received it though. Albany Pix Theater is holding a specail event with costumes and a special showing of Phantom :erikrose: . too late for me to go, but Gerry news is always good news! :mopboystranger: http://www.gazettetimes.com/articles/2006/...cover/cov04.txt check it out ::
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