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  1. Thanks for sharing those! So very handsome!
  2. Um, yea.... I am really looking forward to this movie!
  3. You have the BEST siggy!! I just wanted to tell you:):) Have a lovely day.

  4. Nice! Just started following you! Hopefully I will get lots of yummy GB pics in my stream now!
  5. This is totally new since the last time I was here and I love it! I hope to be a 3AM girl before long! Maybe even a PAL! I wonder how many PALS there are.....?.....
  6. This is insanely interesting! I've been reading this topic forever, so I will add mine now! Well, first, it has nothing at all to do with Gerard Butler! It's just one that a friend gave me for the first message board I was ever on and I love it so I've had it this whole time, wherever I go. Username: dmSiren I am a huge Depeche Mode fan, have been for years. DM is, obviously, an abbreviation of Depeche Mode. I am also a reader, and being so I have several favorite authors. One of my top 3 would be Kurt Vonnegut. And my favorite book by him is titled, "The Sirens of Titan". I m
  7. Thanks, Sue! Nice to meet you.
  8. Did you guys ever get together?
  9. Nice to meet you and hello old friend! I've been really good. I live closer to Nashville now and work in Nashville! Brian and I got married! There are pics on my FaceBook, that link should be in my siggy somewhere. But we shall catch up, cause Imma call you, Katie!!
  10. happy to be back with the GALS!

  11. Yes, I think I may need some help.... It's been a while! Let me see if I got it.... And BAM!
  12. AH! Real life! It looks like the GALS have been making a really good dent in some charities! That is amazing! I haven't been on a board or anything in so long, I've forgotten how to act, I'm sure it will come back to me, though. I hope Song Bird logs on today! I miss her
  13. I have never had a trading card! But I would love one! Maybe this image: http://artescritorio.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Scarlett_Johansson_10.jpg THANKS!!!!
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