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  1. It's going to DVD and Pay Per View according to my theater manager as of Wednesday. I've called him about every week all month. It had been listed as going to the Baxter in Louisville when there was a long of places where it would be opening on the 14th. Of course we know that changed. The Baxter had been listing it as a coming attraction for some weeks. Then last week it was not listed there, so I called him again and that's what he told me he had been told.
  2. I'm so excited to finally see pics from the set. I've been wondering if he would still have the long hair. Since he has had it for such a long while, I was wondering if the L'Oreal people wanted him keep it that way. As we all know, his appearance can change so much with different haircuts, it would make sense that they would want him to keep this look while he rep'd them. This is only a thought and of course I have no idea if it's true. Anyway real happy to see new pics.
  3. I watch these things all the time, but I never see any stars. Is it just me?
  4. Larry King is asking for suggestions for guests. On his CNN page on the left hand side there is a line saying Viewer" choice. I just sent my e-mail. Maybe if they get several they will act on it. http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/larry.king.live/
  5. Well I couldn't stay quiet, so I wrote to them. Here are my comments: Granted Gerard Butler wasn't nearly as well known before 300 as he is now, but to question his ability as a romantic lead? HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever hear of Phantom of the Opera? (The dried up old male critics didn't like it, but women all over the world did.) How about Attila? One of the top TV miniseries of that year (USA). He was gorgeous and soooo sexy. How about the wonderful independent film Dear Frankie? How about those hot scenes with Angelena Jolie in Laura Croft Tombraider? He has a HUGE female fan following (check all the sites on the net) so I suggest before they all start eating you alive, you print another article with more accurate information.
  6. Just saw that they are starting the UK concert again on the internet.
  7. Just saw him on the internet live feed. HE WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I don't have a clue how to do the tag thing either, but I do want to register. I discovered Gerry in POTO and have been totally obsessed ever since.
  9. I just hope he has fun, the women who are spending time with him have fun and we can continue to be his support team by being gracious.
  10. Just saw it the first time today on Imax. I LOVED it. I'm still in that stupor where I can't say much yet. I agree with all of the things those of you who loved it have already said. What I will add is "his eyes, his eyes, his eyes". Can't wait to see it again soon.
  11. Well, I don't like this look one bit. This may sound very superficial because it is all about the outside and not who he is inside, but of course, we all know that is wonderful. Not going to comment on his mood, cause who knows? But the short hair, the overdone brows, the clean shave..... in my opinion, just not his best look at this time when he is going to be promoting 300 and having so much exposure. Also didn't care for this shirt or the grey print one he wore in Berlin. And , selfishly, I was really looking forward to some great new pics for these next few weeks and I don't see how is hair is going to grow enough to suit me. Yes, I love the wavy salt and pepper best. Now the pics from the photo shoot in California are wonderful. Thank God for those at least. I mean who is doing his publicity? Those people don't hesitate to coach him on things like irony not translating well to print, etc...., so who the heck is advising him on his look? Doesn't he have a stylist? And if so, is this the result? Well I guess I have gone on long enough, but I just love him so much and selfishly I suppose I want him to take on one of the looks (and there are plenty of them) that I like best.
  12. Yeah!!! I've waited for the day they he started to take time away from those "girls" on these shows. Are we going to get a video of it?
  13. Fran, I am so sorry about your friend. I have a couple of friends with MS and it can be such an awful disease. While I know some people who only use alternative therapies, I am not one of them and do not necessarily advocate that approach. When someone truly needs traditional medications, I would encourage them to take them and if alternative approaches can suppliment them, that is great. If alternatives work without medicine, that is great too. Each person needs to know what works for them. Nancy
  14. I joined this site a while ago and have not written much, however I cannot be silent on this subject. I get the feeling from some of these posts that alternative therapies are silly, are only for people who have something wrong with them and/or have trouble accepting themselves, getting rid of their demons, etc.. Also it seems that some of you are so worried about him. I care deeply about him, but view what he is doing somewhat differently. For many people (including me, and I am past middle age) alternative therapies have been considered commonplace for 10 to 20 years (or more). I really admire him for being so open about what he does. Maybe that will inspire others to give some of them a try. Remember meditation, and many other "so called" alternative therapies are something new or somewhat unusual, only here in the West.
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