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  1. Yaay!! Mine's fixed!! I was thinking "Did the web server eat one of my messages? How can I have -1 new messages?" :rofl:
  2. I'm at -1 and it's BUGGING ME!!! But it'll all correct itself in the end. I have faith in the system. :hmm2:
  3. Oookay.......I'm utterly confused. BUT, as someone pointed out, this is the Scottish press we're talking about here. And Gerry, if I were you...go after them for printing libelous material. You don't have to get money out of it, just get this loser fired. He's not doing his job and he's giving my profession a bad name. Stupid Mac...I don't have emoticons. Oh wait, I do!! Haha! They're just different from my other board...hmm... anyways, I wonder if I get a picture taken with Gerry if they'll think I'm his girlfriend too................the things that people say. Darn them!
  4. I heard all about this from lugerry and I'm so happy for you all (yet a wee bit jealous.) But that's okay, I'll have my turn sometime (hopefully!) And I'm really sure it's more than a 'little slice of heaven'. I'd call it a Heavenly Experience...oooh I so wish I could have been with you all!!!! But then I wouldn't have 'been' with you all, I'd be flat on the ground, passed out from all the excitement. Then I wonder what Gerry's reaction would be...*goes off into dream-world...* By the by...where are you gals's pictures?
  5. Why oh why have you waited this long to see this movie? I had to put it in my Netflix queue and saw it when I went through all of Gerry's movies. This one, besides Phantom, is my favorite one of Gerry's performances. He is fantastic. His performance stole my heart. I so wanted them to get together too!! And the little boy is great too. I'm so trying not to give anything away...~giggle~
  6. Sending you a big hug, Leslie. I think Gerry has a firm hold on his identity and who he is and where he is going and all he wants to accomplish. I'm really not worried about him but more the Hollywood-type people who will flock around him...phonies and "yes" people. I'm sure everyone in Hollywood will want to jump on the Gerry bandwagon - it's a town that thrives on fame, notoriety, blockbuster films, etc. So, those are the people I worry about. The ones who didn't care about him before, and now he is worth their time. Ugh! I just hope when he feels overwhelmed by these people and "L
  7. Wow, that is so awesome Ashley! And what a creative gift. You have a talent, that's for sure, and I'm sure it won't go unnoticed!
  8. I would love to be one of the fortunate fans to meet Gerry, but I don't dwell on it. Sure, I daydream about it (what girl wouldn't?), but I don't go out of my way to meet him or bump into him. If it's meant to be, it'll happen. All I can do from my standpoint is just support his career and let him know how much he's appreciated. And I do that by going to see his movies, buy his merchandise (by the by, is there a Leonidas action figure anywhere???) and post on his fan boards, such as this lovely place.
  9. Got inspired...wrote some thoughts down: March 16, 2007 I just saw 300 for the second time tonight. Yes, I have spent over $70 in a week to see this movie. I spent opening weekend at the IMAX in Nashville, which was INCREDIBLE. Words cannot describe what it was like on IMAX. I’m finally inspired (and have no distractions tonight) to write a review. Actually, two reviews, one for the thoughts and feelings the first time and then my thoughts and feelings on the second viewing. I went to this movie to support our dearest actor Gerard Butler. Gosh saying his name gives me chills. It is TH
  10. It's enough for me to hear his voice when he sends us little greetings, such as New Year's greetings or whatever. That takes time out of his busy schedule and he doesn't have to, but it is the only way he can send his little shout of love out to a lot of his fans. Thank God for the Internet!! And thank you Gerry for taking time out to do that little special thing just for us. It makes me feel special, no matter how small the gesture. It just shows how big your heart is and how you try to please your fans in any way possible.
  11. Okay, seriously, if I saw him outside my theater, dressed like that, I would doubt myself. this would be me: Oh...is that...no...that...can it be? no, it's not...wait...maybe it is! And then run up to him and have my camera phone ready and say CAN I GET A PICTURE WITH YOU PLEASE!? And sign...something. And thank him for supporting us fans because we are just so damn lucky! :inlove: you Gerry.
  12. I read this at gb.net also. I bought the magazine and have not scanned in the photos (like I have the time! shyeah!) and do not have any in my photobucket or on the boards. Barnes and Noble had a lot! I bought it after I saw 300 in IMAX.
  13. Swannie, great review! I'll write one up when I get the time (like that'll be anytime soon). But hey, maybe after the second showing, I'll be motivated. Damn I wanna see it on IMAX again. ~shiver~ And mainstream critics do not get it. It's sad. I, on the other hand, LOVED the movie. I can't put into words what I think of it. There's no way. You have to see it in theaters to understand what I'm talking about. And gerry's performance...oh my...only one word comes to mind: FANTABULOUS!!
  14. Cassie and other Chicago fans, I hope you all have room around there! LOL! Just kidding. I'd buy a ticket if the whole film group was there. I'd of course would love to see the other Spartans. ~alice And you know, Oprah's notorious for her gift-giving! ~wink~ And Oprah's a TN girl. Random piece of trivia I thought I'd throw in. ~giggle~
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