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  1. Got my DVR set to record! It's good to see him on the air waves!
  2. good health and happiness to all in this new year 2012

  3. The countdown begins!!! Warm weather and Gerry!! Deetz
  4. Looks intense!!!!! (Love him like that!!) Deetz
  5. Did it..... (a few days ago) Deetz
  6. Happy birthday!! xx

  7. I look forward to meeting you in Vegas! :)

  8. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks in Vegas, Baby! ;)

  9. Unbelievable for our small group!! I am saving for next year already!! Great people and a wonderful charity! I am so happy to be part of this
  10. Dear Bella, I was moved to tears by your video! Gerry is an awesome actor, and you are an awesome person for what you did for your country. I congratulate you on your winning video and your accomplishments as a strong, empowered woman. Thank you for keeping us all safe!!! Love, Deetz
  11. Barbara, We did have a good time, and NY too!! The time will fly now! Working full time+ to make it happen. Have a happy new year Donna
  12. I'm so glad to hear the deadline was extended!! I finally registered and gave myself an early Christmas gift!! What is better than this? There is a foot of snow on the ground but Vegas is coming in June!!!! Barbara, Thanks for the awsome "Gerry card" That one will be staying up until June!! Donna
  13. Too much work and not enough play!!! This is great!! Time to register!! Thanks,Donna
  14. I went back to Reel Talk TV and it shows her sitting on the bed but covered with a lot of papers, magazines, etc, but it looks light in color with red print in the accent pillow. Deetz
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