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  1. This will be my First GALS Convention! I am sooo excited, I could just say 'double down' Gerry! Seriously, I've heard such fantastic things about these Cons, I figured it was time I found out for myself. See ya all in June! Pat
  2. LOL Susan, you are so right about all the double entendre associated with our Lad and golf. And, leave it to the GALS to explore every one. Now as for the spanking, I'll let Gerry decide who gets spanked and who doesn't...ME ME CHOOSE ME!!!!!!! (Is this a great site or what!) Pat
  3. Who knew? But then the lad is Scottish after all. I've never seen a picture of him whacking his balls around....oops that comment went right into the toilet. I hope he had a wonderfully relaxing day. Pat
  4. Let me add my WTG GALS as well! Colorado just had their Komen Race for the Cure. 60,000 strong. Pat
  5. I loved seeing this interview again, hearing that pairfect Scottish brogue. It is too bad he's lost so much of his accent. Will we ever see Burns? I hope so!
  6. Wow! I had to check out all the people to make sure which one was Gerry. That is an awesome picture. I want a frontal view!
  7. I love you Gerry.......And I MEAN IT! Growwwwl!
  8. Thanks Barb More of Gerry and One Two???? All I can say is Yippeeeeeeeee
  9. I'm patiently <ahem> waiting for the HD version of that cute hiney shot! Pat
  10. Lisa, I loved the account of your ComicCon experience with THE Man! Don't apologize for posting your story, thoughts, and "squeeee" moments. Most people are genuinely glad when someone gets a Gerry moment! Sigh, I've talked with him twice, and still haven't gotten a hug or a handshake. :wall: One's brain does seem to turn to mush when your talking to him. The pictures of everyone, at the different panels were fantastic....you were so lucky to be so close to so many hunks! YUM. I Love The Rock as well, he is come a long way from his Scorpion King days. Keep those memories
  11. Thanks Chelle! What a great find My take on the apt is Italian Villa. Hopefully to remind Gerry that he's somewhere warm. I wanted to see the bedroom!!!!! Pat
  12. Cassie, I was one of the people holding that obnoxious green sign. My friend had never had an opportunity to see Gerry in person, and her emotions did carry her away when she first spotted him. After she was asked to put the sign down she did. So, apologies for blocking your view for a wee bit of time. She certainly didn't mean to be rude. Gerry came up to us and said: "I love your sign. I want to take a picture with it. I took one picture, my flash didn't work so I asked if I could take another, he was gracious and said yes....then while I was snapping the 2nd pic, he says: "fook
  13. Wowzers! What a great find. And this is supposed to be a family movie? Not when we get inside the theater. Pat


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