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  1. HAPPY 38TH BIRTHDAY GERRY!!! I hope you have a wonderful day, you are the best.
  2. Barb, Thank you for posting this information about the CFF and "Wrath of Gods", I really hope it comes to Connecitcut. I would love to be able to see the whole thing.
  3. Erik's Ebony, I am glad it worked out for you, it gets to be alot more fun as you get more practice!!
  4. Thank you Barb, For all of the hard work you put into V.Con and anyone else involved.
  5. lauriew, Which of the free trials did you download?
  6. Thank you to Barb for the link and Beth making the signature very nice!!
  7. LauirieGB19, I have a question... how did you post your photobucket slide show that it shows up here as a slide show? That is so neat! Erik's Ebony Eyes :erikrose: Erik's Ebony Eyes, After I created my slide show in photobucket I just copied and pasted the html tag into the signature are under my controls.. I hope this helps. It seems to work alot easier here than on other sites. Laurie
  8. I wish I only had to vote for one because they are so good.. Since we have to choose one I have gone with New Sensation!!! Good luck to everyone.
  9. Thank you and Jon for providing us with these great clips from Wrath of Gods!!! :goodjob2:
  10. I am here too, I know I am a bit late but hopefully haven't missed too much.. Barb thanks for getting me in. Dawn, Judy and Lisa hey there nice to see some recognizable names..
  11. Here are some of my favorite pictures of Gerry!!!! , , ,
  12. Marg, I feel the same. Spending time with my sister fan friends is the nicest thing I have done for myself. I truly love you ladies. You are the greatest friends, loyal, compassionate, funny, huggable, friendly. It just doesn't get better than this. Hugs, Lisa Lisa and Marg, I have to agree with both of you. The best part of the day was seeing Gerry, but being with my fan friends was I will not forget how much fun we did have. You guys are the best, I love all of you. Laurie
  13. The day started out very early for Lisa/Adoringparalegal and me: 3:30 am up and out of the house by 4:20 am to drive to Fairfield, CT to try to catch the 5:10 am train. Because of the heavy fog and bad road signs we missed two trains, so finally got on the 5:55 am train, got to Grand Central station about 7:00 am and then caught a cab to the NBC studios by Rockefeller Center. We had to walk around to the other side of the building to get into the standby line at 7:20 am, which was where we met up with about 10 other GB.net Tarts. Everyone introduced themselves; talked up a storm, looked at pictures we had brought with us and discussed the chance to get to see Gerry. About 9:00 am an NBC employee girl came out with the numbered tickets, proceeded to hand out tickets and then told us to be back there by about 3:45 pm. By this time everyone was hungry and tired of standing so we went downstairs in the NBC building to get something to eat, sit, talk and then decided go see 300 which was showing at 11:00 am. After seeing 300, which is now about 2 pm, we all walked back to the NBC building in the rain to get some food in a café in the NBC building. We all got something to eat, drink, talked and took pictures. Approximately 3:15 pm we all proceeded to head back up to be checked in and then were told to go back downstairs to wait again. Forty-five minutes later they asked us to go back upstairs get into numeric order and hold up our numbers. A couple of NBC employees looked at the line and then cut off the line at 26. We were then all escorted off the floor and down the escalator. We were not very happy with being told, oh sorry but that is all we can take. Rosa/RORO said “maybe this will be a blessing in disguise” and as she said that we all started to figure out which entrance Gerry might be coming into and proceeded to go to that entrance. By this time it is 4:15 pm so we went outside and continued to wait, taking pictures of the Tarts that were there and started talking amongst ourselves as well as to others. When some of the paparazzi started to show up we knew that we were at the right entrance. Then all of a sudden a vehicle drives up and Liv Tyler gets out and is escorted into the building. She looked gorgeous as always and very kind to one man in a wheelchair when she stopped to sign an autograph for him. Then all of a sudden a car pulls up and out gets Alan first and then Gerry, but before Gerry could even get out of the car the paparazzi came out of the woodwork and were on top of him. First we saw Alan get out of the car; Marg/Dragon Slayer, Donna/secondchancetart, and I/leallen yelled “hello Alan”. He looked over and smiled, then Gerry finally was able to get out of the car. Donna and I were right at the side of his car when we told him that we were tarts. Donna asked him a question. I then repeat that I was also a tart. Oh! Then he was looking right at me with a huge smile on his face and those eyes which I will not ever forget. Gerry looked absolutely gorgeous in his grey suit, bluish-grey button down shirt and I managed to get his autograph. While he was autographing my picture I got pinned on the side of his car, so (Thank you Donna) Donna asked if I wanted her take his picture, I said yes, so she grabbed my camera got a picture of Gerry signing and with the most wonderful smile on his face. At some point Marg/Dragon Slayer was able to get to Gerry and talk to him very briefly. During all of this the paparazzi got really rough, pushing us to get out of the way so they could get to Gerry. By this time Gerry was getting angry and then he was being pulled into the building to do Conan’s show. After Gerry, Alan and the others got inside we decided to take a little rest. Someone found out that Liv’s and Gerry’s car would leave from across the street. It was starting to get late and everyone was thinking maybe Gerry had left already. After noticing the paparazzi weren’t around we got ready to leave. Then all of sudden when Dawn/Moodybluz and I started crossing the street we noticed a car leaving from the garage from which Liv Tyler’s car had left. We said that must be Gerry and by this time Rosa/RORO had already gotten to his car. As she already said Gerry’s first reaction was reluctance to open the window but once he realized that it was okay he got a big smile on his face. I was on the side of the car to the left of him where his window was down and just reached in and touched his shoulder to say “Gerry you were wonderful in 300” He looked up at me with those eyes and smile that just melts you and says “thank you”. I did manage to hand him a letter which was very important to me. To be able to give it to him personally was important and I hope someday there will be some sort of sign that lets me know he has knowledge of the importance of that letter to me.
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