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  1. I knew it was high price tag but I had NO IDEA.
  2. That sounds like fun, Susan. yall know Im a Beowulf girl so that fight scene near the beginning is everything to me
  3. Issy, I wish I could have gotten to see you again.
  4. I don't think the charity aspect has ANYTHING to do with it to be honest. I have not been in a few years but I enjoy that as well as the GB stuff. I think you're missing something. Both can be done and still have fun youre speaking of. Maybe I just see it through different eyes but I dont think that has lessened attendance. People dont wanna part with their money or cant. I think that is what the issue is here. I've not been in the past because of health reasons and this year because my oldest child was leaving home but I think we can figure this out, y'all
  5. You know I gotchu!! I haven't done those in ages.
  6. I have to think of something to donate. Hmmmmm
  7. That's nice. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE COOKIES?! For those unaware, Landa is the gal that has been providing our awesome "theme specific" cookies the last several years. Oh Holly honey!!!! I have been talking to KB about them since yesterday. I cannot wait to make them. I got plans for the cookies, babyyyyyy!
  8. I am so excited. I'm all registered and ready to go. I even picked out a dress already for Saturday night lolllll
  9. HOLY khjKHft%^&*()_{(*&OYTKUGHKJ THIS IS AWESOME AS HELL. The theme! THE MGM GRAND. Yall not playin around Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. yes lawd. *does church stomp and fans self*
  11. Sorry about dipping out on the chat last night but whoooooo my back was killing me the last few days and I had to be drugged up and lay in the bed. Thanks for everything Barb
  12. Just got a text from one of the GALS. So glad my cookies made it safe
  13. That is so very awesome and amazing. Congrats to The Shade Tree
  14. Still trying to figure out how to get there.
  15. Not feeling this at all. I'm gonna go with my girls. I have seen GALS do better.
  16. Its been tweeted, tumbled, blogged, emailed, facebooked and everything from me.
  17. Damn I totally forgot. Congrats, Ginny
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