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  1. These pictures made my day and night yall. You dont even know. I am just so *faints* Where's SusanSporran?? LOL
  2. I guess I should brush up on my skills. This is an awesome contest.
  3. I will check the family document this weekend.
  4. Such an interesting thread! Thanks Sue. My inlaws are Beatty's. Maybe you may be related to them
  5. Awww Deb I love ya. Im already in.
  6. Elissa I think the theme is very cute this year.
  7. When does registration open?
  8. Mr. Wright is an excellent artist.
  9. I just went and looked at the website for the con. Its changed. Is that a clue?(lol sorry. I had an idea for something else so I looked at the GALS one) Apologies if that bothered anybody.
  10. hey Bex!!!! LOL@ Deb's pinks.
  11. LMaO she said weenies!*plops down next to Sheri* She has the good stuff.
  12. Thats quite a combo, Suzie. Doritos and a cupcake? LOL
  13. LOL! I was just joking around to be honest. I mean we JUST got the dates
  14. *gasp* I am innocent and I sure did LOL
  15. *whistles innocently* I wish someone would tell us the theme LMAO
  16. Those individual ones are cute.
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