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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
  2. Can we showcase some of the members who are coming this year in some way? Maybe we could involve the members more instead of having some feel like spectators and maybe make them feel more like participants? I enjoy the convention a lot and the auctions and things are fun as well as meeting up with the GALS and the classes but I feel like the members could be involved a lot more.
  3. Argh! Yall are killing me! Thanks for posting the dates. I cannot wait to find out what the theme is. *antsy nancy over here*
  4. Never used one of those. Ive always went in manually...Pain in the you know! I'll have to write that link down.
  5. LOL Ive seen these before but 7 and 37 are my favorites.
  6. Oh Gosh I wish I could have Max!
  7. I agree Holly. That was time well spent! I hate serving food and I abhor carrying crap from room to room in the heat but I didn't feel that one bit while I was there. If I could have stayed longer I would have because it didnt feel like I was working. Was such a blessing to be there that day.
  8. This is so amazing. I love GALS. I'm proud to be one of ye!
  9. And some state have their own tartans as well. You just have to do a search! Have agood week everybody!
  10. *shrugs* LOL you know what I mean.
  11. Aww poor baby. No one cares about his hair. We just wanna meet him. Im still trying to decide if we should eat him LOL(mind out of gutter)
  12. Awww thats so great.Happy for him!!!
  13. Only a few days left. I finally got the Lanai suite. Another GAL got it before me last year but I dont remember who it was. I didnt need it but Im being "that way" LOL Its just me in there too!
  14. Oh the Marines have an awesome tartan. Cant wait to meet you!!!
  15. I did and used the code!
  16. I can never find shoes. Curse of having huge feet but Im right there with ya!
  17. Damn you, AnneMarie! LOL I need to get on the ball!
  18. Aww look at that. Even the young ones KNOW!
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