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  1. I think I broke something! I cannot wait to see this..he is looking fine but the fake tattoos are doing it for me. Hello!
  2. Just a few days left til we get there!!!
  3. Yay! That should be lots of fun.
  4. Very cool. Now on my iPhone. Thanks Dayna!
  5. That's awesome, Libby. Will keep on!
  6. You know GALS dont know what gentle is. It's our own version of gentle maybe LOL
  7. That is so awesome! Totally excited BTW!
  8. That is a very good thing to know. Gracias!
  9. That is awesome. Noone does that around here.
  10. I get in Thursday around 1230 in the afternoon
  11. Oooh my gosh! You have put that thought in my head and its gonna be stuck.
  12. A little over 2 months, yall! Yay!! So I called to make my room reservation last week and as I was asking the woman on the phone about suites I hear "You guys are so lucky". I say "excuse me" then the woman on the phone helping me starts talking about her love for Gerry and how she'd love to be around people who got it. None of her friends know who Gerry is so I said to her "You should join the site" and I gave her the url of course but she was so funny and nice trying to help me find the perfect suite and I think she gave me the one I had last year but Im not really sure but that was some awesome customer service I got from a fellow fan LOL. She has a serious case of GALS.
  13. He is so funny. I loved him picking on Ed from Gossip Girl.
  14. And if you need help, let me know. Ive been staring at this stuff for years but a lot more in the past year.
  15. I noticed this a lot last night on the E! Preshow. Ryan Seacrest is notorious for doing this to people. I really dont enjoy the way he does interviews at all. That was very nice of Mr. Clooney.
  16. Aww Deb! You know I gotchu. WHen this thread first got started, I went and looked for anyone who'd mentioned their clan. I have a folder full of tartans.
  17. Me too!!!!! I want cookies with that, Landa!!! LMAO! I already have cookie cutters for that. Thank you, ladies. I had no idea that people had been posting in here again.
  18. Thanks, Katie-bug! Is Reno going to be there ALL weekend or just for one of the nights?
  19. YAY! I hate that I missed the chat last night but sick babies trump funtime.
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