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  1. That was great, Dawn.
  2. Re-reading this now and I am really looking forward to it if they stick with what's exactly in the play.
  3. Steph, that was wonderful. Makes me wish I was a kid again or that I had the courage I had back then at least.
  4. Oh he so would have. No one got off easy with that man.
  5. *snort* I just want someone to post the pictures. Thats all LOL
  6. And we appreciate every bit of work that goes into it. All the blood, sweat and tears.
  7. Welcome. Cant wait to see you either.
  8. Fun blog you've got going there.
  9. This is probably nothing but repeats BUT I am no stranger to jumping on a plane to go and meet "strangers". Before Gerry, I'd done it a few times and it was okay but there is nothing like knowing that you're going to get to see your online girls in Vegas. I admit that the first time I was nervous. I had no idea what I was getting into but I left feeling like a person and not just a wife and a mother. Last year when I went was even better. I don't know how to explain it other than you will feel like yourself. You feel energized. You laugh til you cry or pee your pants. You just will really h
  10. Awww, Congrats to you and your family, Dayna. That's awesome.
  11. You know? That is a very nice jacket. I would wear it, He looks great too.
  12. hey Bex. Nice to meet you. People usually arent the same after theyve been DOWN there
  13. I'm ready for June like right now.
  14. Hey there! I was just gonna say I see you at Facebook all the time. Glad to see you back!
  15. RandomLanda

    Nick Boyle

    Nosy woman that I am. I looked at Freddy's site. YUM!!!! I still have no idea who Nick is though LOL
  16. Someone's clearly missing the point My mother used to say something but I cant say it here because its against the rules but whenever we got "out of pocket" and didnt care for what went on at home she would basically say and im being nice here but "bye". If you knew my mother youd know why LMAO but it was pretty much the same as our lovely mod Spot says. So quit coming in here if it bothers you so much. I call that punishing yourself LOL I know were free to read and go wherever but seriously dont like it, quit reading it. Yeah what he did was very fratboy but thats him and well get over it
  17. Yall should really learn to chill out sometimes. Its not that damned serious.
  18. He's a grown man and I dont see what lamenting over the fact that he needs rest is going to get you. Gerry does what he wants and always will. Lather, Rinse, Repeat for him. Does it all the time and if he likes it then I love it.
  19. Try to remember that video is also only a minute and a half.
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