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  1. Forgot to wish everyone a happy time at Thanksgiving! Nice to meet you Sharon and Tammy! And Big Hugs for all! Anna X
  2. Hi Galfriends! Remember these little one's? They just keep on growing...... And growing...... So now you know what has been keeping me very busy, so long since I've been on site I can't find my way around! Must find the place I used to post, trying hard to keep up with Gerry.... :Clyde3:/> Yea! I'm still a Galfriend! :yo:/> Fond wishes to all and hugs for all who need them, Anna X
  3. Hello Galfriend Debbie, long time since we spoke! How are you? Sorry to hear about the job, hope and pray that there is a better one coming your way soon. The heavens have opened up here, we have had constant rain since there was a drought alert! Himself has just taken our little dog Peridot out for her last walk....it's pouring down so I have put a layer of doggies towels ready to mop up the drips, Himself can have a good shake before he comes in. Take care Sweetie, hugs for all, Anna X
  4. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to all my Galfriends! It's so loooong since I graced these floors with my presence.....I feel so ashamed! Trying to keep up with Gerry and his busy workload, does that man ever sleep?, and the movies are all so varied and exciting, can't wait. To all Galfriends who find themselves suffering from health issues and those dealing with loved ones who need their care, I send my prayers for your for Peace and Comfort and a quick return to a better health. My little guy Butler will once again travel to Suzie in Texas for a holiday before heading onto the celebrations in Vegas, just wish better health would allow me to travel long haul and join the party there. Still the doctors are allowing us to holiday in September in Italy which is a short flight...a hop really! Fingers crossed we make it.....I've got everything crossed incidentally. Better go now before I risk a meltdown on the laptop drooling over the pics of the G Man , Hugs to all, Anna X, [/size]
  5. Fantastic work Elissa, I'm still hopeless at making graphic wallpapers etc but I did finish my Christmas sewing on time. I forgot to photograph the covers I made as gifts but these are mine. the back! All made with the help of these.....Emma bridgewater tea cloth! I will post some photo's on the What a Doll thread of what Lulu has been doing this Christmas for her Mum...the 2011 Christmas Cake is revealed Congratulations on your grades Galfriend, good luck for your further studies. Swannie, it's a not easy to be worrying about the health of a loved one amid all the seasons festivities, but try to remain positive, your Mom is in good hands. I am the LORD, who heals you. Exodus 15:26 Well I am nearly ready for the Silly Jolly Season! Just a few things left to wrap as wee Peri is out on a sleep over I can safely get out the wrapping paper. I need to make more mince pies and the James Martin Christmas Biscotti...Yummy! Must hurry though, Peri is returning later with the children for their sleepover here tonight. Big hugs and Special prayers for all who need them. Anna X
  6. Deepest Sympathy to her loved one's. Waiting at Heaven's Door Death beckoned her with outstretched hand And whispered softly of an unknown land, But she was not afraid to go For though the path she did not know She took death's hand without a fear For God who safely brought her here Had promised He would lead the way Into eternity's bright day. For none of us need go alone Into the valley that is unknown, But, guided by our Father's hand We journey to the promised land. She was your special loving Mother You shared your lives with one another, And you'll find comfort for your grief In knowing her death brought sweet relief. For, now she is free from all suffering and pain And your great loss became her gain... You know that her love is with you still For she loved you in life and always will. Love like hers can never end Because it is the perfect blend Of joy and sorrows, smiles and tears, That just grew stronger with the years. Love like hers can never die For she's taken it with her to the sky... So think of Mum as living above No farther away than your undying love, For now she is happy and free once more And she's waiting for you at Heaven's door
  7. Happy Holidays Galfriends...........even our Puppy Peridot is ready for the festivities! Big hugs, Anna X
  8. Happy Holidays Galfriends! Phew! It's a long time since I was in here but it feels nice and warm and cosy from the love and friendship that created this special place online. I know many of you have had such heartbreaking times of late, we have prayed to the Good Lord to give you Peace and Comfort in your time of need. It's taking me some time read through, I keep getting distracted by siggies and pics of Gerry...... Big Hugs for all, Anna X
  9. In loving memory of our sweet friend Peggy, forever in our hearts. "Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us every day, Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and very dear." Sending prayers for comfort for her family, especially dear Fran who will greatly miss her. Anna X
  10. My darling Anna,

    could you drop by the SURVIVOR and be there for Beo? The Attila-gals are ... :tissues:

    Hugs from me :)

  11. Dearest Frannie and Peggy forgive my tardiness in not posting in the Prayer Thread sooner, I finally got around to reading my emails which sadly had been unread for a while. My prayers are for Peace of mind and Comfort for Peggy and all her family, do pass on my very best wishes to sweet Peggy for me Frannie. God is our strength when we are weak. When our heart faints and we feel too tired to go on, lean on God, our strength, our rock and deliverer. Gentle hugs,Anna X
  12. My dear Frannie and Bobby, Michael and I are shocked to hear the news of the loss of your beloved son Tommy, we can't imagime what sorrow and grief you must all be enduring. May the love of those around you help you through the days ahead and God grant you some comfort in your hour of need in knowing how much we all care for you. Please accept our sympathy, love and prayers for Tommy, Gentle hugs, Anna and Michael X
  13. Hi there Galfriends....old and new.....I do sometimes forget my manners, but I do envy the newbies just starting out on the adventure that is Gerry Butler! I would love to post some of my favourite Gerry photographs but I don't have them all upload at present so please someone do the honours! Sue, Mac already knows we are all crazy, next time we should wear an Easter bonnet when we Skype, we could set a new trend...Gosh! Me trendy?....well I never! That also means you Suzie and Elissa. Congratulation Susan on the new job, must be a great relief to you, Way to Go Galfriend! Andrea I will not be planting vegatables in my tiny cottage garden this year. The children decided to have a Garden Club at my home last year, we planted seeds and had fun but their Daddy decided it would be better to leave the grown plants in my garden....after all they are here everyday after school. Trouble was we had planted too many seeds and raised too many plants! Kathy I must go and post some new photographs of the children. And catch up on Golden Gals Barbara! Another glorious sunny day here, I'll be in the garden if anyone wants me, boy did I enjoy last night, Tanya he's fantastic as King Leo. Big hugs to all, take care, Anna X
  14. :wave:Hi Galfriends! Sorry my visits here are spasmodic but I get so behind in reading threads I have missed it leaves me no time to post, but you're all still in my heart and prayers, especially my 'old sparring partner' Frannie! I'm taking a break from the dreaded Spring Cleaning, that means going through all the clutter Himself generates...'I need that screw/funny-looking-plastic-bit....it may come in useful sometime'.......it's like you know what I mean Galfriends! The family are on holiday in Florida but I don't get to rest, I spent Mothers Day in the garden taking down the rose arch as we are putting up a replacement, then I started on the garden shed and turned a deaf ear as Himself ranted on his way to dump his accumulated rubbish....I was glad when it rained! Today has been a good day, convinced Mac to sit and revisit some Gerry movies. Take care Sweet Galfriends, big hugs, Anna X
  15. Friends and I were there the same night as Gerry, March the 9th, there were no press reports that he disliked the show, we certainly loved the show and have been eight times since. In fact we are due to go again in August...same week as we see David Tennant on stage. Anna X
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