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  1. I am so happy for Gerry and for being able to watch his dreams take hold! Congratulations Gerry! TTFN Barbara
  2. To clarify myself here, I was in no way comparing the film "One More Kiss' with "P S I Love You". I was simply comparing messages. In the fight scene of Gerry and Holly's even he brought up the "waiting for life to start" speech and that was what I was referring to. Once again, the message was there for ME to remember that fact, as I seem to "wait" for something. Sorry if I offended anyone. TTFN Barbara
  3. First of all, I loved the movie! Second, Gerry was nothing less than beautiful! Especially in the scene quoted above and he made my heart skip a beat or two coming up over that hill. His line of how he felt about her during their fight was so touching and romantic! Hilary was great as Holly, totally believable to me, Harry was hilarious, and Jeffrey was down right sexy HOT! But most of all, Kathy Bates was my star! I could relate to her character so well! I must admit she made me sob with her scenes toward the end of the movie! People have a tendency to forget that abandonment can happen with
  4. Welcome aboard, Rebecca! I have always enjoyed your interviews! It is so good to see someone that appreciates Gerry as much we do and manages to put into print! Lovely to see. :goodjob2: TTFN Barbara
  5. I am a happy camper! Gerry looks sooooo much better! Thank goodness! I must admit I was very worried! They all looked as though they were having such fun! It is so exciting to hear about him coming over to the GALS! How thrilled they must have been! I can not wait for the stories they have to tell and the photos! :dance: :dance: TTFN Barbara
  6. I thought perhaps I had missed a post somewhere explaining the swollen condition of Gerry that is so apparent in the latest photos posted but I see that the "GALS" have covered the subject well. Your opinions are what my friend and I suspect. I was in a state of shock to see him looking so ill. Please tell me he is taking some time off for the holidays, going home to see his Mom who will undoubtly be waiting at the door with a bowl of chicken soup and a warm bed for his ailing body! I am greatly concerned for his health! He will always be beautiful but it distrubs me to think he may be il
  7. :spontaneous: :droolpuddle: Nuff said! Barbara
  8. Congratulations to the winners! I was honored to be even considered! Barbara
  9. I saw "Elizabeth" today but no PSILY trailer but my friend and her daughter decided to see "Michael Clayton" and got to see the trailer. BTW, "Elizabeth" was great and Clive Owen was down right gorgeous! Lots of close ups of Clive! Yummy! Beautiful costumes! And of course my friend and her daughter drooled all the way home over George Clooney! So I guess it is a hit and miss as far as the trailer goes! Barbara
  10. This is just my opinion; I think they have changed Gerry's looks in some scenes to reflect the fact that he has an illness. If you look real close, they have made it look like he has no eyelashes in a few of the pix. Perhaps it is just makeup and wigs and follows the storyline of his illness. As far as this "accent" story, we should tell them; then! Barbara
  11. I must say that this poster conjures all kinds of scenarios in one's mind! Can our imagination keep us going until December 21st gals, or will we be reduced to a pile of cinders by then?! Barbara
  12. I placed my order through GALS today! Myrna returned from Scotland last night and had to watch it before going to bed. She loved it! She was surprised at the twist ending and I was bursting with excitement watching her watch the movie! Barbara
  13. ONS = Terry Sheridan Marriage = none, not even Gerry, have already done this three times, twice with the same man....so I am burned! Now for true love = Andre Marek, a man of honor! Barbara
  14. Ladies, I am humbled to stand amongest your great talent! Your technique and imagination are awesome! Great work! Barbara
  15. Anna, I want to thank you for posting the lovely poem "The Hug". I forwarded this to my daughter who is going through a difficullt time holding her mother-in-laws hand while she is dying of cancer. It meant a lot to me to provide this wee bit of comfort to her across the miles. Thanks again. Barbara
  16. [sECRET TALENT ''My ability to make mountains of trouble.'' ] (cough, cough) Ah, Gerry, I don't think that's a secret! Barbara
  17. Oh, Swansong, if you think you are weird, then you are in good company with the rest of us other weirdos! I don't think you are weird. Nor do I think I am weird, we just admire a beautiful man! Gerry has a beautiful body! That was evident in Tomb Raider and POTO! Being able to view it unclothed in 300 was a privilege. I admire his long legs, big hands, beautiful expressive eyes, hairy chest and all the rest that goes with it! He is a vision of beauty, clothed or unclothed!
  18. *I think that sometimes people go into movies with this single mindedness an nothing will sway them. It's a shame because they miss so much of the beauty of this movie, yes it can be brutal, but even then there is a lyrical fluidity to it. I was watching Rome this week and thought that one scene was more violent and brutal than any in 300, when in all actuallity it wasn't but like Gerry says, they (300) do it with "style".* Moonglow, I am so pleased to see another's comment regarding the violence on Rome this past episode. My friend and I had just returned from 300 and we were looking forw
  19. What more can I say that all of you have said so much better? It was awesome! All of it! I am so happy to see it receive recognition for all of its qualities. The movie public is more than ready for something new and different! Gerry commands this movie. He shows that a strong man can also be tender. His scenes of goodbye to his wife brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart as Gerry can so eloquently do. It brings such a sense of pride to see Gerry finally get his big break. It is long overdue! The couple that sat next to me didn't know who he was but I'll guarantee you they do now! Ge
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