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  1. Hats off to Barb for keeping the virtual lights on for those who could not participate in person! Very to pleased to have and join the household. Now, if we could just get a .... then it would be :omg:/>
  2. Less than an hour to go for two regal figures? Ok, I'll open for the $35.00 ~ dawn
  3. Wishing all a fun virtual con!
  4. LOVED these photos. Reminded me of when he was on Conan while promoting "300". I had a chest-level few and a private chuckle. That audience didn't know what glory was sitting right in front of them
  5. Checking in ~ wishing everyone (live & virtual) a great convention!
  6. Difficult decision, but, as the Phantom says: "Make Your Choice".... and I did. Congratulations to all for wonderfully creative work! .. .. .. .. .. ..
  7. Hobbes ~ sorry that I didn't come back sooner. We went to the Embassy Theater in Waltham to see it a couple of weekends ago. Would've invited you to join us, being that it is relatively close to Boston! (would've been easier at Kendall Sq)It's still playing there this week: http://www.landmarktheatres.com/Market/Boston/Boston_Frameset.htm
  8. Looks like it's making a return to NYC. Fandango shows it playing at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center 144 W 65th St., New York, NY 10023 http://www.fandango.com/coriolanus_136639/movietimes?location=10001&date=1/20/2012
  9. Barb, Many thanks to you and the GALS for helping those who couldn't go to Lost Wages feel part of the weekend! Dawn
  10. I hope we see a trailer soon. You'd think there would be something out there, some snippet, to at least generate interest in distributors. Doubt we'll see anything in usual movie houses, but some of the art/foreign film houses...
  11. Steph, This has been a pleasure to read - and relive. I caught the end of your meeting at Hard Rock. The look on your face was priceless. It brings a smile, reading this and remembering the happy afternoon. Lisa - You embody a kindness & sharing spirit that is refreshing. It's not always the case in crazy situations. May your caring example be a model. Dawn
  12. drika 11 is all set with tickets. If anyone else needs a pair, pm me by 9am PST on Monday.
  13. THERE ARE NO MORE TICKETS? I NEED TO GET 2 TICKETS FOR MONDAY? ANY HAVE EXTRA FOR SALE? PLEASE CONTACT ME ****** Hi drika11, I think we can help you out. Believe my friend has at least 2 extra tix. Have sent you a pm. For your safety, best to remove your number from public view. Will check back with you tomorrow, ~WK Mod edit: Thanks for looking out for your sister GAL. I just removed the phone number from her post.
  14. I'm sad alongside you, Cheri - True Blood - what a good show! And a shout out from the Maine sisters to the California sisters. Loved Gerry as Drac ~ definitely personified the sexy predator. I was intrigued by the backstory of Judas, but it came so late in the story that it wasn't a saving grace. Would've LOVED to have seen more of the character shown on the audition tape. That evil, sexy laugh... While I adore Alex, Geraint, Mark, & the True Blood guys as TV vamps, James Marsters (Spike) will always have first dibs on my blood. Gary Oldman is my overall favorite vamp - best story, best lines, & still a trace of humanity brought alive by Mina. ... Dawn...
  15. Sometimes? Cinder... You know we enjoy being the Ladies of the Atlatic. Miss you! Wish you (and Gerry) were joining us tomorrow! - very excited to hear that filming is going to start soon. LAC sounds verra interesting. WK/mb
  16. Hey there Nick, We'll be happy to spread the word. Netflix has a distribution center right here in Maine, very close to us. We'll also let our movie audience (radio show) know that "Shadow Company" is going to be available. Best always, Dawn
  17. Yummmm.... those suits are verra nice. Am I the only one chuckling at the thought of him having to sit still for all that 'pampering'?
  18. What a hoot ~ sounds like an interesting time in Hall H. Nothing like the lashing wit of a salty Scot. Thanks to all who are adding the updates from ComicCon - greatly appreciated. Sounds like Gerry scored a ComicCon Hat Trick: * Rock N Rolla * Game * Tales of the Black Freighter (alongside The Watchmen) Good times ahead!
  19. Dear Alan, Thank you for being a stellar example of 'paying it forward'. You'll never truly know the amount of people touched upon by what you share... most especially in the precious gift of Ms. becozy.
  20. Psyched!!! Looking forward to an earlier release date.
  21. Yes, your friends do know how much OT you put in. But when vacation time comes around, it's How many days until the next great adventure?
  22. to all that didn't quite make it to Barb, here we are again ..... it's so eat... that you've all made your choice, to join in the and be part of the Looking forward to Dawn
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