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  1. Miss you so SO much!

    Hugs from Eva Mari :kiss:

  2. I know, I was just thinking that, give me a sec.
  3. I wasn't in NYC yesterday, I will be in NYC a few more times this summer...I was there in the beginning of June..nope, didn't see him then either.
  4. It's like a GerryThanksgiving, a virtual feast of Gerry--all the new pics..him looking mighty fine and him being on the East Coast too, it's all good!!!
  5. A daily dose of Gerry...tell me that doesn't do a body better than just vitamins. I'll be in NYC a few more times too this summer, believe me, when I'll be looking my worst or in rush and have to be somewhere like yesterday..I'll see him.
  6. Gerry plus Romantic Comedy so he can show that silly side of him...no matter what the critics could say, I'M SO THERE.
  7. this is going to be INSANE!!! CAN. NOT. WAIT. THAT BACK, THOSE SHOULDERS...can. not. breathe....
  8. I have a Twitter, I'll add.
  9. You all are cracking me UP. He worked that pink alright, worked it HARD. I'd love to go, but I'll be in NYC enough this year...but CHRIS MELONI in a kilt..I may die just from that alone. there's pics of Nathan Fillion at another event in a kilt..between him and Gerry..it's hotman overload..seriously... gets up...and again, no matter how many times I see them, I still have the same reaction...causing myself bodily injury from passing out.
  10. I didn't see it, but that is cool!!
  11. it's about time the world caught on to something we've known all along..YOU GO GERRY!!
  12. I taped that badboy, oh freakin' GERRY..and thanks for the "extended" or "longer" Gerry too.
  13. You go Frannie!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!
  14. Awww..Gerry, I hope the rumors are true and he does get to go home soon and film that wonderful movie about another great Scotsman!
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