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  1. You all are cracking me UP.

    He worked that pink alright, worked it HARD. ;)

    I'd love to go, but I'll be in NYC enough this year...but CHRIS MELONI in a kilt..I may die just from that alone.

    there's pics of Nathan Fillion at another event in a kilt..between him and Gerry..it's hotman overload..seriously... :thud: gets up...and :thud: again, no matter how many times I see them, I still have the same reaction...causing myself bodily injury from passing out. ;)

  2. what's great about walking outside too, you don't even realize how far you've gone, I think it's much more interesting to go for a good long walk--weather permitting, you can think things over..and it's some quiet time (even with music going) that you really deserve.

    I'm wondering about why after yoga I don't want too..I think it's for two reasons, I do it late at night and I don't want to smoke I'd rather just go to sleep after and two, yoga like all excerise releases endorphines--I think it's actually those that make me not want to, but god forbid a doctor actually listen to that...but if I go back and I've lost 2 pounds, I have to listen to a whole speech about how important it is for me to maintain my weight and I can't lose any without his permission or prior authorization.

  3. Congratulations!!!!! You can do it, after 60, 20 is nothing..but those last few pounds are always the hardest..YOU GO GAL!!!!!

    I'm still trying just to stop smoking...seriously people, you know, my sister has helped me the most, what I get from the TWO doctors that said I have to because of this stupid thing I have wrong with my esophagus..when your serious, we'll help you..GEE, I thought I WAS serious, seeing as i can choose between EATING and smoking...I mean, I don't want to work, but I do...I WANT to quit smoking but can't..you'd think they'd take that seriously.

    But I've cut down and taken matters into my own hands..I only smoke half a cigarette now..instead of a full one and try to keep busy..and then after I do my Yoga, I never want to smoke..you'd think they'd see that and maybe think..wait..we can use this..but nope.

  4. Alan is going to be on Dollhouse now too.

    Castle was so good!! Nathan is totally and completely adorable, as always...he was on Jimmy Kimmel last week and cracked me up..I was watching Castle, Medium and a PBS special all at the same time..luckily I taped Castle, can watch Medium on HULU and have the PBS special taped already--because I've only seen it about 8 times--but it's freakin' fantastic music and I can't help myself. :)

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