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  1. In Philly or not, all I'm thinking about him sitting on that bull, using those powerful thighs and that hip action that it must have induced. oh damn....
  2. I think a lot of states saw the opportunity to lure some work to the East Coast, actually I think a lot of other states saw the success we've had here in Massachusetts and want to repeat it, I'm not sure how many are being made here at the moment but we've had like 6 made in one year.
  3. I don't blame them, I'd love for that seat assignment too..I know I would have paid for it.
  4. This is a hard one, they are all so GREAT, my hat is off to all the talented artists on this board!!!!
  5. Bailey, I'm right there with you. And then come the shoulders, those perfectly formed shoulders and those shoulder dimples when he extends those arms...oh damn, I need a moment to myself. Okay, I'm back, with all that talk I almost forgot..the movie, set in Africa and a thriller..honestly for some reason I've so wanted him to do a movie in Africa..but a thriller, drama, more than what was done in Tomb Raider 2, that and I've always wanted to see him work with Clint Eastwood directing..one out of two isn't bad!!!
  6. Thanks Moira!! Gerry is livin' the life, YOU GO GERRY!!!
  7. they totally get star struck, I've seen interviews on red carpets where stars have almost run away when people they are fans of arrive because they are so nervous to meet them. Just because they are famous doesn't mean they can't be fans like the rest of us. Oh and DAMN Gerry looks good!
  8. Texas is so much fun..damn, have a great time..wait, do I even have to say that??
  9. How lucky are the people whose homes they are using..I have a home..and one particular room he can use all he wants...okay, let's go for ALL the rooms he wants to use. *cough*, but it's not in Philly though..oh look, filming has been changed to Boston.
  10. Still, I've changed all the dvd players in my house in a total of about 15 minutes to play all regions, for me, it's not worth screwing up the one on my laptop, I still wouldn't take the chances with that one.
  11. I know my laptop can't play any region dvd, and honestly, I'd rather not mess with that one, if you mess up an 80 dollar dvd player it's a lot easier to replace than a 800 dollar laptop.
  12. Usually once you've unlocked it can pretty much play any region, I know mine plays all regions, but I wouldn't try it for a computer player, it's complicated and sometimes they can get totally screwed up, but a regular dvd player, go for it, seriously, they have some great DVD's out there that are foreign and totally worth the time it takes to change the regions on your dvd player.
  13. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this info!!!! I know the movie had some delays with legal wranglings going on, so I'm happy to see this part at least having a solid release date!
  14. I have my two disc special addition in my hands and when I get home tonight, I've got a kick arse dvd player and a big tv to enjoy it again...not like I didn't see it once, twice, three times in the theater.
  15. oh Gerry, Gerry, Gerry, why not just throw some gasoline onto the fire? And he can't meet anyone that will say something naughty?? I'm shocked.
  16. All I can say is YAY!!! IT'S ABOUT TIME!! yes, all caps were needed and justified.
  17. Thanks for the article and congrats to everyone that went and got to meet him!!
  18. That's a shame because it's a great freakin' movie too, not only loved the premise but I adored the cast.
  19. YOU GO BARB!! Great story and thank you so much for sharing it.
  20. Thanks for the link Nicky! Him and Sting in the same breathing room...*sigh*
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