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  1. I thought it was totally underappreciated, especially the performances, I love the Gerry, but I'm a HUGE fan of Tom Hardy's and seeing as his character was changed just before filming, it shows just how good he is..and Mark Strong I think is fantastic as well.
  2. Gerry was hotness..with the exception of a few people on that list *coughthejonasbrotherscough* those guys were all prettty hot looking.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, I love the Golden Globes and I love that Gerry is going to be there!!!
  4. I take Amtrak to NYC all the time, oh Gerry, if you ever want to make my 4 hour ride just that much better..please feel free to be on THAT train.
  5. Yeah, one way or another, he was going to be up *cough* at 3 a.m.
  6. This movie is getting better and better!!!
  7. He's a great storyteller, that's what makes him a wonderfu actor.
  8. I think he's wearing so many clothes to save us all, seriously, he's hotter than the sun, the amount of sunscreen needed to be around him--you'd need a PhD to calculate that.
  9. That was the best cast, between Gerry, Tom Hardy and Mark Strong, I didn't know where to look first.
  10. Maybe he's got jet lag, Maybe he's enjoyin' the night life, he's livin' the life, if you're going to be tired, I think that's a few fun reasons why you would be, beats working all day and having hell commutes back and forth....to me, tired, not tired, shirt on, shirt off, he's still hotness personified.
  11. OH HELL YEAH! Even if I don't make the early bird, I'm still planning on attending..and you all are buying me birthday drinks, so get that money out ladies!
  12. Thanks Barb! I've seen them, but still, nothing wrong with having Gerry at your fingertips.
  13. The sad thing, before I read that I thought, "and I bet David was the one walking out with the supermodel" and not because he's hot...no where near Gerry, but the sort of joke in Hollywood is how does David get all the pretty women. His holiday plans, totally none of my business, but airlines operate pretty much 24-7 so I'm sure he has enough time to fly home in the next two days.
  14. I'm totally selfish too, I can't deal with another strike! But it's not only the actors that are effected by a strike, everyone from the carpenters to the caterers are, and with the economy as it is right now, a lot of people could not bounce back from this.
  15. I heard the western part of the state got hit too, especially from falling trees.
  16. I feel for everyone that lost power and is still without it, let's hope this next storm coming through this weekend isn't bad!
  17. kimmy, I'm feeling your pain, a co-worker didn't get their power back until Sunday morning. I just hope all are warm and everything turns out okay, pipes can freeze so easily and they don't need that on top of everything. Hello Shamrocked!! :waves:
  18. Thank god I didn't lose power, we are close to Boston so that's why we got hit the least, but further west and in NH, they lost power until at least Sunday..and some people still don't have it, some won't get it until CHRISTMAS. And it snowed here again last night, then turned to rain..which is fine, but trying to walk down a hill that is covered in slush..not so much fun.
  19. You go Gerry!! I don't read the posts on IMDB, I read them once and I think I'm still scared.
  20. It's the dancing one, that's the one that's killing me. The look on his face, those EYES, that hand on the back..I just can't, the man is fine..all man and all FINE. wait..gets back up and looks again...
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