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  1. They probably have a ton of assistant producers to handle the day to day things with the full on producers having the final say.
  2. For some reason I like it much better on TV as well, some movies don't translate well, but this one did.
  3. I can't wait to hear that commentary too, especially from Guy and Mark and about certain scenes as well.
  4. I think I'm going to have to wait until after and pay extra, it'll be fine, I'm having serious issues with my credit card..and just intime for Christmas too. Plus, that's my birthday weekend, it's either there or NYC like every year..but heat, fun and birthday..it's too much to pass up on!
  5. I've said the man is grade A Prime, and he is..Russell prices himself out of roles, Gerry is freakin' fantastic and a bargain and more than capable of performing just as well as Russell can in ANYTHING.
  6. like most hot men..he's just gotten better with age.
  7. I've posted before on this and I'll post again....Guy really got back to what he does best, dialogue and fun characters. And Mark doing commentary..can't wait to hear that too.
  8. That strut through the Virgin Megastore should be taught to all those playing Dracula or Vampires--now that's the way to walk.
  9. THANKS FOR THE INFO!!! I'm going for the regular, but I have to say, Band of Brothers is coming out on Blu-Ray, so I may have to upgrade my dvd player..I'm not sure though, mine is all region free now, so I kind of like it. I hope there's more of the dancing scene too. Thanks again!
  10. Thank you all, thanks for the links and thanks for the pics!!!
  11. Bailey, OMG I didn't even think of that, THE SIDE PART!!!!
  12. Thank you Landa for that!! Seriously 21 year olds..not quite done with their manly growing yet. Hugh is HOT, sexy and sweet, he deserved it. GERRY!!! I saw James and totally thought of Cassie..but still, no Henry Cavill, no Tom Hardy...oh well, a little more publicity and they both will be on there. I swear though some moved so freakin' fast I couldn't even make out who they are.
  13. Love Gerry..not so much a fan of Jenn's though..*don't hate me* But hey, it's WORK and does that mean he'll be filming in Texas..where's all the Texas girls at?
  14. Gerry is living the life!! You go Gerry! I think there will be pics, it's perfect PR and maybe even some entertainment show coverage, they've done that before and this one is much bigger than others they've covered.
  15. Gerry would have made a great Bond, but I do like Daniel in that role, I have to say he's my favorite, maybe it's because they started at the beginning of his 00 status and him just really getting into being an agent. I think they've already chosen who they want to be the next Bond already, but I don't think anything is set in stone.
  16. Thanks for the link! I remember an old blog post of them running into Gerry in CA, her husband I believe, and Gerry share really bad jokes. Glad he had a great birthday.
  17. You have to love a man that is that confident that can wear that hat..and of course looks that good wearing that hat.
  18. A few of the movies that I really wanted to see are playing there as well, I had heard about it but thought it was just sort of an industry thing, is it open to the public? Not that I could go anyway, but the amount of great movies playing in that is UNREAL.
  19. Yes, the "real" pinky can be just as entrancing as the other "pinky"
  20. Thank you Landa!! I'm just wondering if Wire Image is as nutsy as Men's Health can be about it's pictures, but if Getty had them, I'm guessing it's okay.
  21. I have a question about Wire Image photos, are sites allowed to post them in galleries or can they be in threads, I know that wire image can get all crazy and such about their pics, so I'm wondering if those pics can go in the gallery or do they have to stay in the threads. Sorry for hijacking the thread, I've always wondered because I know Wire Image can be tough with their pics.
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