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  1. The sad thing, before I read that I thought, "and I bet David was the one walking out with the supermodel" and not because he's hot...no where near Gerry, but the sort of joke in Hollywood is how does David get all the pretty women.

    His holiday plans, totally none of my business, but airlines operate pretty much 24-7 so I'm sure he has enough time to fly home in the next two days.

  2. Thank god I didn't lose power, we are close to Boston so that's why we got hit the least, but further west and in NH, they lost power until at least Sunday..and some people still don't have it, some won't get it until CHRISTMAS.

    And it snowed here again last night, then turned to rain..which is fine, but trying to walk down a hill that is covered in slush..not so much fun.

  3. It's the dancing one, that's the one that's killing me. The look on his face, those EYES, that hand on the back..I just can't, the man is fine..all man and all FINE.


    wait..gets back up and looks again...


  4. The Devil's Whore is AWESOME, I'm an even bigger fan of the Simm, so I'm really enjoying this, and yet once again Dominic West's character is a bit of a d**k at times.

    I've watched the first three, the second one KILLED ME but the third one, killed me for the Simm and his emotional turmoil.

    Can not wait for the last part!!!!

    And YAY for you talking to him!! No worries about the pics, I'm just glad you had a good time!

    And there is NO WAY Michael can not get at least a nomination for that role in Hunger, he was SUPERB in it, it's so hard to watch, but just for the extended conversation with that one long side shot, he proves that he's more than deserving.

  5. I know, I've seen the first two episodes and the third one airs tonight in the UK.

    John Simm is just so freakin' good, and Michael, he was shown a little bit in the first one, but is featured heavily in the second one..if anyone was afraid that he wouldn't be okay after losing all that weight for Hunger should watch this and see he's fine, fine as always.. :thud:

  6. When I was a child I was *meh* on the movie, it was on every night at Christmas time I swear to the point where the networks were actually told they couldn't show it that much, but once I got older..and in my twenties I began to appreciate it so much more and now in my thirties it's in my top two favorite holiday movies..I just adore it.

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