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  1. I have to say, RnR may be my favorite Gerry movie. I had been waiting for it because I like Guy Ritchie movies, but it was even better than I expected all of the performances were wonderful, I was surprised at how great Toby was, I adore Gerry's character too, but I'm a HUGE fan of Tom Hardy's as well and he was great as always. The sequels, can.not.wait for them.
  2. I love being an East Coast Gal..but I'm still in the wrong state! A few of my friends live there though. And..Boo, I LOVE PARKING WARS!!
  3. I adore Lasse, not only one of the premiere Swedish directors, but one of the best directors ever, I LOVED What's Eating Gilbert Grape!!! See, between Guy and Lasse, Gerry is so working with some fantastic directors, it's so good to see that mans career take off like it should be!!!!
  4. This is an old one, and heck, even if he had one or two since he's quit the last time..he's still smoke free and for me, I have to give him major props, it's a hard hard hard thing to do, I'm supposed to quit, instead I've cut down and will eventually lead to quitting, someone I work with told me that quitting cigarettes is actually harder than quitting drugs, it's a medically proven fact, so anyone that does quit, they totally get all my respect.
  5. I'm going to have to read the review in the paper when I get home, thanks for the heads up Barb! I'm wondering what the Globe (the other paper here) said. sidenote: I love that first line too..I'm team Ritchie so I really REALLY loved that line and agree.
  6. thanks for posting!!! And how much do I love that he just really says what he wants, NEVER CHANGE Gerry!!!
  7. On SciFi alone, I just saw the ad, back to back!! That's the channel I've seen it the most on, at least 10 times in two nights. And TBS and F/X as well.
  8. A HOT COWBOY???!!!!! All I can picture are those jeans...and maybe a plaid shirt..all tight and such.... Oh...my....
  9. Lookin' mighty fine!! I've said the man is hotter than Georgia asphault in Summer...I'm wondering if he melted any while he was there.
  10. It really wasn't a favorite of mine, but that Virgin Megastore strut made it totally worth it.
  11. Ever After was completely and totally adorable!!
  12. OH you bring the good stuff, THANK YOU! Keiko!!
  13. that is such a great idea!! I probably won't get to Vegas until like 11 though, so I'll probably miss it. *sigh*
  14. I swear they take the best pics in Japan! Thank you Keiko!!
  15. Terry because in my world...Mr. Sheridan made a much better exit and found his way onto a tramp steamer. If not, then I'd go with Michael, I like that name, it's a strong name.
  16. Gerry playing the "bad" guy now, I LIKE IT!!!! And with him, I'm guessing this guy is going to have depth and have some kick butt scenes too.
  17. Gerry sure does like those pants...and I like him in them.
  18. You have to do what you have to do, I'd love to be able to quit my job, I was never made to work in an office, I know that, I have to do something else, something creative, but at the moment, I'm stuck..so you go and do what you want, I think it's wonderful!!
  19. they probably look great in a tux, they might have an accent and they can likely beat up your boyfriend if provoked And THAT is what makes them even HOTTER. Love the list, whole heartedly agree!!!
  20. OH FREAKIN' HEAVEN ON A PLATE..those suits, the hair, the scruff...THE SUITS... Thanks Landa!! *note to self, get LA Confidential mag for Henry and Mens Vogue for Gerry*
  21. I was looking at those myself, maybe they have different ones on a different site, maybe .net may have them.
  22. And that pic just made me fall of my chair..it always has that effect on me. Remember that...those arms from 300...I just....can't....
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