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  1. I have a question about Wire Image photos, are sites allowed to post them in galleries or can they be in threads, I know that wire image can get all crazy and such about their pics, so I'm wondering if those pics can go in the gallery or do they have to stay in the threads.

    Sorry for hijacking the thread, I've always wondered because I know Wire Image can be tough with their pics.

  2. I have to say, RnR may be my favorite Gerry movie. I had been waiting for it because I like Guy Ritchie movies, but it was even better than I expected all of the performances were wonderful, I was surprised at how great Toby was, I adore Gerry's character too, but I'm a HUGE fan of Tom Hardy's as well and he was great as always. The sequels, can.not.wait for them.

  3. I adore Lasse, not only one of the premiere Swedish directors, but one of the best directors ever, I LOVED What's Eating Gilbert Grape!!! See, between Guy and Lasse, Gerry is so working with some fantastic directors, it's so good to see that mans career take off like it should be!!!!

  4. This is an old one, and heck, even if he had one or two since he's quit the last time..he's still smoke free and for me, I have to give him major props, it's a hard hard hard thing to do, I'm supposed to quit, instead I've cut down and will eventually lead to quitting, someone I work with told me that quitting cigarettes is actually harder than quitting drugs, it's a medically proven fact, so anyone that does quit, they totally get all my respect.

  5. I like GH, I'm really liking that they are getting more "sightings" because for a long time, hauntings were debunked, it's so interesting!!

    And I like Paranormal State, but I think sometimes, it's not as Paranormal as much as it is...TV. what I mean I think some things are done for TV's sake, but sometimes, it can scare the living daylights out of me.

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