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  1. While you can say that his ways of getting what he wanted may have been a little off course..don't blame him, that guy should have told him about the whores..and not implied what he did, I don't blame Charles, he was given false and misleading information. Plus Chuck got airtime. Gerry has HAD NONE. No previews, no REAL previews...Gerry has to go, it's only fair.
  2. He didn't know about the whores until it was too late. He did what he had to do based on the information given to him. CHARLES STAYS.
  3. Hey, Chuck knows the difference..but the heat and his frustration just got him all crazy. So Chuck stays.
  4. :funnyabove: I mean, no matter who anyone would like to leave, at least they got screen time..even a preview..hell, even Cassius got that, it wouldn't be fair to Beo, Stranger, Johnnie, CHUCK, Terry, etc. So yeah, while the Character of Gerry may be appealing, I'm not digging on that hair in some of the pics, and still, not seeing anything but pics..means he must leave.
  5. My vote is still... Gerry must GO. I swear I wish that character was named something else..I always feel a twinge of guilt..but still, no previews..no screentime visible..NO WAY can he stay as opposed to any of the other characters. Oh and CHUCKIE STAYS.
  6. I'm not voting against Attila until I have to... NOW CHUCK STAYS.
  7. Why all the Chuckie hate?? Don't be a hater, be an appreciator! Chuck was confused, lonely, heat stroked and well..he was just confused..don't blame him that GUY WASN'T SPECIFIC AS TO THE USE OF THE CAMEL. CHARLES BELLAMY STAYS. GERRY KENNEDY IS GONE. that is all.
  8. One of the best reviews ever! I am now biting at the bit to see this movie, but I've decided to see it in the regular theater before the IMAX..which would be the very next day anyway, only because seeing it in IMAX first, all that goodness that big..I'd die before the end.
  9. Thank you!! I originally put him up for ousting because at least we've SEEN all the other characters...but you mentioned the point that also sort of brought me to that vote as well. For me, it's that hair do they gave him..I just won't go there. ************** discoveringme...Uhmmm...CHUCKIE STAYS.
  10. Hey I liked that shirt..it's very Urban Outfitters..and I love that look..the hair in that pic though..well, not so good. And you know, I've been thinking..if I have voted for Gerry, I can always change it to a certain Nordic Hero...
  11. Marissa..DUCK AND COVER..and I give you PROPS for going for that heavy hitter!!!!!!
  12. Nordic, Nordic...there is no AFTER..Chuckie is STAYING. Gerry on the other hand..like GUS is going. Plus, add in, as bad as Chuck was at least he didn't wear TABLECLOTH shirts..
  13. Dawn I love Chuck, but that was INSANE!! And as long as Jackie Jr or Johnnie is not up against him..it's ON. So yeah, I say it's either GERRY who HAS NO SCREEN TIME YET..or OR Frank..just because I think it's sort of time for Frank.
  14. Misty..don't you mean Frank. Because no way Chuck or Johnnie..and especially not my JOHNNIE..he's sensitive.
  15. See, now that would be a wonderful offer for all us Chuckie supporters..but unfortunately, he's not going anywhere anytime soon. And OH with the shower comment..you know I love Chuck..but that was KILLER!!
  16. Whoa, I didn't expect anyone else to vote for Gerry when I mentioned that..but really, we HAVEN'T SEEN HIM AT ALL. We have seen Chuck. CHUCK STAYS!!!!
  17. Chuckie????? NOOOOOOOO!!! How about a little wrench in the voting, I mean the bigger guns are going to have to come into play sooner or later..what about Frank? Or Gerry--I mean that character hasn't even gotten any screen time yet, at least with Leonidas there have been some kick arse promos...if I had to vote for someone it may just be Gerry. But BUT I'm reserving my vote until people decide who is up against who..but NOT CHUCK.
  18. OMFB you voted for the Stranger this early..you are a brave brave soul..and you know I totally give you props for that. You all know my vote is for Gus. I won't WILL NOT vote Jackie Jr off..NOPE, that yellow towel alone should require a lengthy stay..plus he can strut around in his pimp coat when he gets cold.
  19. Can not forget those bracelets..he's one of the few men that can totally pull that off too.
  20. *I swear I'm innocent* Fran, you haven't voted yet??
  21. I love that he wears it even with a formal suit.
  22. Landa..we think too much alike..but with Gerry, that an easy thing. I know a lot of guys that sort of wear a dress ring when they go out to a formal affair..I don't know how to put it..it's pretty much their only form of jewelry. Actually if you look at the close up pick of his face you can see the chain around his neck under the collar of his shirt.
  23. It's right around the corner Misty...got to make that decision soon..but you could sit this one out if you want, reserve your vote until next round.
  24. How did I not see that pic..I don't know seeing those eyes just pop out at you..just WHOA..that's all I can say, more like that's all I can manage to say. And I love that he doesn't fasten his cuff links or button his cuffs..*yes, I'm just so easy to please when it comes to him*
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