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  1. I've only seen this vid from celebrities.com...you have to be registered I think to see the other ones..but still, it can be annoying. He seemed okay with it though. And after 300..I have a feeling this place is going to EXPLODE..I wonder if it will remain that way when they realize that not of his movies are like that. Hopefully the majority will see just what a wonderful actor and person he is and stay. I think he may know it's coming though, that movie is going to be huge and maybe he's just enjoying this down time before it.
  2. I think it depends on what mood you're in..plus, like they said, Erik was a slow burn, much more..how can I put this..he appealed to all the senses..letting it build..making it last. While Drac's was great, don't get me wrong..but it was almost like a means to an end. And yet, I voted for Terry.
  3. This is like an impossible question!! *ugh* I chose Terry, I mean, between the build up --at the prison then the "don't be looking at my arse" to that "you can break my wrist but I'm still going to kiss you" *should I be scared that I can totally recite that movie?? Anyway..all the way up to those kisses..just too too much. But then there is Drac who gave a whole new use for the ceiling..and ERIK who I'd love to teach the music of the Night too..and then there's Johnnie and that perfect KISS. I need to take a breath...
  4. Thank you Stef, for the link and the caps! That face THAT FACE and don't forget the voice too..and okay, various other parts as well..
  5. Row...row!!! *smiles just at the thought of all those guys, that will be VERY VERY happy to see us* And I know who I'm voting for too..but I'm keeping that to myself..a hint..a really really good hint..hmmmmm...while I do love LOVE both..there is one that just does it for me..actually they both do..but one in particular..let me put it this way, you'd really want this character protecting you if need be. That's all I'm saying.
  6. A lot can happen between now an the last few survivors..I mean Erik has immunity now, so no worries about that. But if this goes on until after 300..well, there may be some bumps along the road, really BIG HUGE GIANT BUMPS. I know who I'm voting for if that happens..and no, I'm not telling.
  7. Oh I have no qualms about voting, yes it's painful, yes, it will take a month off my life..but yet, it has to be done. See, like GUS, it should be harder than it is, and yet, I can still VOTE GUS OFF.
  8. You know me too too well! Leo, Leo, Leo--Leo did what he did so his people could remain free., he made the ultimate sacrifice to save them, he went in knowing that he was probably going to die, he gave up his wife, seeing his son grow, all for the love of his people and the belief that no others should come into Sparta and enslave them or the rest of Greece...ah...Leo's a hero..which means he totally would be deserving to WIN. I don't know who he'll be up against, but if a lot of people get into it, buckle up that seat belt for one bumpy ride. Or it may be the lowest voted pair-off, no one wants to see either of them go..maybe three votes decides it all.
  9. Spine, SPINE!! Oh I think I've proven I've got spine..plus, Cassius love my spine, I have above average flexibility (actually, I really do) so much so that i will go on the record right now as saying this.. If it's Erik vs. Beo.. BYE BYE BEO-and just think the gets to go to exile island after not even getting..*censored* properly.. Either that or he has some serious control issues. *cough* And Erik vs. Leo..I'm not sure you're going to like my vote.. But that's neither here nor there, seeing none of them are up now.. for now it's one person only that I have in my sights and that's GUS.. GUS MUST BE GONE, GO, SHOO, BYE GUS!!!
  10. CHUCKIE STAYS..pure and simple. And yep, he does have a spider tattoo too..he shows it to me all the time. When I polish his bat for him.
  11. Ahh..Fran, okay let's see, there's Gus the thief and liar..all he had going for him is a hip sway..but damn he did the kissing over the clothes and that's combustion. But BUT Chuck, Chuck who missed his wife just so much he became delusional from Heat Stroke..they were in the middle of the Desert..cut the poor guy some slack. And really, do I have to mention that Chuck's got those thrusts that can make you forget your own name?? Jackie: two words: Yellow Towel..enough said. Sigh..so many characters this week but what can you do..eventually they all will and it'll be very VERY INTERESTING when one vote can mean someone gets voted off. That's all I'm sayin'.
  12. JACKIE..NEVER! you cut me irish..you cut me.
  13. If it's between Gus and Chuck..NO WAY IS CHUCK GOING ANYWHERE...Gus on the other hand shall be gone..HIP DIPS do go a long way, but so do the THRUSTS OF POWER. Sorry Gus, you may be a bad boy and kiss and dip those hips like a dream, but Chuck is staying and you can pivot those hips right off to Exile Island. **I swear toward the end I think it's going to come down to just a few votes that will decide who goes and who stays I mean who can choose between say Erik and Leo..or Beo and Attila? Okay I may be able to, but it's going to be very very hard.
  14. :funnyabove: I'm selfless that way. I'm really about that HANDS ON care giving. It's a sacrifice..but just think of the rewards.
  15. Much much hands on and intensive attention..really, I'm talking around the clock care. *cough*
  16. Don't worry, I would tend to his wounds..I'd even kiss them and make them all better. And no way is The Stranger going this early, no freakin' way. That honor goes to GUS.
  17. I could say something really really-is it really wrong when all I want to point out is that Jackie Jr. wants to get his crazy BIG hands on that big pussy cat. *cough* He better be careful though, she'll get her claws onto that *cough* bat and use it as a scratching post..
  18. They are really hi res..and THANK YOU so much for them. Mmmm...close up Gerry..and Those pinstripes..just *guh*
  19. I would definitely use it as a purse..plus, even as that, it's a great convo starter..plus, I think the public transportation ride to work would be very interesting if I was carrying that.
  20. oh, I hope that you are okay and what ever it was that came up isn't that serious. You will be missed! Know that I shall try to keep the flames of defense burning bright, but I think that Cassius' shaved a few months off my life. Come back when you can, we'll all be here..the characters..well that's another story.
  21. Thank you so much for the update, that's some verra good news!!!!
  22. Jackie NAKED i'm so there!! And awww..no tricks!! You know, I actually really like Creedy, but he was in the way of Cassius staying..it had to be done. Erik..yes, I saw, I cringed. But her love of the Attila knows no bounds..so I can understand..but I fear FEAR if it's a Attila vs. Beo showdown..there may be bloodshed. Throw Erik into that mix to go against the winner..That one may set the record for votes and replies..can there be two threads for the same vote??
  23. He works just fine missy..oh yeah, believe me, all his parts are in working order..actually, thanks to that little rumor, he really wasn't in all that demand meaning he's got all this pent up energy..and I'm REAPING ALL THE REWARDS..BWWWAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!
  24. A link..did I miss?? oh, and GUS GOES. I'm lucky I can even vote, CASSIUS has got me so busy, he's got a lot of time on his hands now and is so appreciative for all of my efforts to keep him in play.
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