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  1. I think..and this one took the wind out of me..I think someone voted for Jackie, Jr. I need a moment to recover from that one.
  2. He was just a little frustrated..I blame the HEAT. And at least he didn't rob her TENT. GUS GOES.
  3. Gus does have the mighty tongue and hips..but still, HE GOES. NO freakin' way would I vote for CHUCKIE, NO WAY. That goes for Johnnie and Jackie Jr. too. My vote: GUS! Yes, GUS!
  4. Wait is it Gus vs. Chuckie this week..oh OH OH..and you thought my defense of Cassius was large (okay, I do hope I did put up a good defense for the poor guy, I mean, he should have stayed another week..to make up for his lack of screentime ) But Gus vs. Chuckie..I'm reserving my vote for now, but I can tell you this, it's pretty safe to say the Push Up vid..as good as it is..won't be swaying me.
  5. Swannie, thank you for that pic, it shaved a year off my life..but it was so SO WORTH IT and I cruise the pics all the time, so don't feel bad.
  6. Gus--thief, liar, could be a cad. Chuck-confused Is there really even an issue here.. So, is it Gus vs. Chuckie.. No Frank or Marek See, here it is..Chuck, confused, frustrated, HIP THRUSTS--enough said, that alone means he stays. Gus, and how many times did he screw people over?? Frank-WET, nothing more needed. Johnnie-emotional, wants to be loved and loved, totally adorable and cleans up his act. Jackie Jr.-one red hot loon..plus Gerry did say he liked playing the crazier characters..two words: YELLOW TOWEL. Marek-no ear, but stayed for Love. *sigh* Terry-UPSIDE DOWN PUSHUPS..for that alone, he stays. The Stranger-mysterious, caring (he did the job), I thought he wanted to have that, that family..plus HE GAVE BACK THE MONEY--ding ding..another reason for a character to stay. Drac-he can take you higher..literally. He stays. Erik-TEACH ME THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT-stays. Beowulf-Wulfy with a sense of right and wrong, the sort of moral center, and he had a personality and wit-he stays. Leo-is him staying even in question? Gerry-Strip tease, but to be honest, I'd rather see him go, than say Terry or most of the others. So, who is the pairing this week? I'm holding off my vote until I find out exactly, but if Chuck is in the mix...
  7. Cassius should still be here, really, tie should have gone to the one that was STILL BREATHING. Chuckie is just a confused desperate frustrated soul..HE STAYS.
  9. :funnyabove: We all have to do what we have to do..me, I'm polishing Cassius' armour..and a few other things too.
  10. NO FREAKIN' WAY JOHNNIE..SERIOUSLY NO! Okay then who is he going up against then..but still NO FREAKIN' WAY! Please don't say Terry.
  11. HA! CREEDY STILL HAD TO GO.. andyou just had to take Cassius with you too..which is fine by me because I GET TO SEE HIM ON THE ISLAND. BYE BYE CREEDY...NEXT MAREK!! And don't worry about Cassius, he will be well taken care of. Unlike Creedy. HA!! Irish, I do know about your quitting smoking, YOU GO!!! Excellent news, I give you much credit for that!! But I still do, so I'll be okay. But who knows who Marek would be up against, if he's even in the running..what I'd love to see is a heavy hitters duel right now, you know, break it up a little bit, then go back to the more supporting characters, as long as it's not Johnnie, Chuck or Jackie Jr.
  12. oh no, not Erik..even though eventually he will have to be, but not this week, especially as he won the IMMUNITY CHALLENGE.
  13. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when Erik comes up..or Beo vs. Attila. I say do it the easy way, put two big guns against each other now..get it over with..then go back. As long as no one harms the CHUCK or the JACKIE JR. I'll be okay.
  15. See, everyone is free to put up the next contenders *coughMarekcough*
  16. Have the votes been counted yet? If not..then Creedy, it's been nice knowing you, I mean you were a hero, the voice of reason and all, and before you were BURNT TO A CRISP, I would have loved to have shown MY APPRECIATION for all that you did..but now, alas, you must go to Exile Island... But never fear, you have and will have some great company, just stay away from the CAMEL, that's a present for someone else.
  17. I swear if I get arthritis from typing so much, YOU ARE ALL TO BLAME.. All together now..and get those POM POMS HIGH CHEERLEADERS... AND A ONE AND A TWO... CREEDY GOES...CREEDY GOES...CREEDY GOES...CREEDY GOES!! *now think about this..what if creedy stays and next week he's up against marek..now that will be fun, I may just sit back and watch the destruction!!
  18. Now those are some great pictures..he does look like he's having too much fun. But when I first saw them I was, "What's Rose McGowan doing in there?" But do you blame her, she's got her arm around him..on film! Very very nice, thank you so much for posting them!!
  19. I had a feeling if I mentioned MAREK it would get your attention. *cough* And one more thing.. VOTE CREEDY..CASSIUS STAYS!!!!!
  20. Is it too early to put Marek in the next round????
  21. The only way Cassius is going is...Right after CREEDY!!! BYE, BYE CREEDY, DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN..WOULDN'T WANT YOU TO GET BURNED!
  22. We shall see..oh we shall see. Misty..we shall see. Now I'm wondering how your precious Creedy would fair next week if he's up against CHUCK. Me I have no problem with voting for cha-cha vs. Chuck..(love ya Cha Cha, it its Chuck..come on) but poor CRISPY yet another disappointment, I don't know if HE'D be able to take it.
  23. I know, it's always..who will the be up against..if it's Erik..it's a no brainer..but what about say Drac or Chuck? It's getting harder and harder.
  24. I am in no way desperate, I have faith that Cassius shall be successful that his true hotness will shine through and poor Creedy with end up with a case of sunscreen and a tent on the island, I just had to retort..it had to be done. The funniest thing about this is: I do like Creedy, but not nearly as much as Johnnie, and imagine THAT defense. That's all I'm saying.
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