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  1. You know that was very well thought out..be it wrong, but yet, it was well thought out.. Now it's my turn. Cassius.. Doesn't have to over compensate..THE UNIFORM WAS MANDATORY..and plus, he likes it when I polish his armour. The voice may have been a little higher, but that man KNOWS HOW TO GO DEEP. No question about that sexuality..none NOPE. Creedy on the other hand..oh I'll get to that one in a second. He rescued tons of Children HE TOOK DOWN THE EMPEROR OF ROME..which right there proves he had more FORTITUDE than Creedy, and REMEMEBER he was really easy on TAXES TOO, giving the families more money, thus, more to eat and better housing. He can be obsessive about his looks..even though I don't know where that came from..hmmmm.....all he wants..HE'S HOT. Concerned with women's health issues..especially after all those deep deep..conversations (oh if this was just the over 18 thread) A real Hero, HE WAS WOUNDED AND STILL FOUGHT ON!! Nope not Creepy at all..as opposed to CREEDY. Now we come to Creedy. Having to be regaled to SIDEKICK, must have really BURNT him up. And then to fall to what, THIRD, now that really must have burned his arse. He liked to play with his LIGHTSABER infront of the children..I don't know, now that's a little creepy to me. A failed rescue so he could be remembered..not the way to go. Wait, when was Creedy a MANLY ACTOR..oh that must have been when he was PLAYING WITH HIS LIGHTSABER INFRONT OF THE CHILDREN. Notice how much time he spent with those kids? Remember you opened the creepy door..I'm just usherin Creedy through. I will give you points though..You were really scraping for it "Darling" How about oh, I don't know, CRISPY. CREEDY HAS TO GO. VOTE CREEDY
  2. Thanks Aimee..I'm wondering if there will be a big push..I don't know if I have it in me..oh Cassius he needs to show his appreciation even more. Now if he survives and he's up against say..jackie..well, then he's on his own.
  3. And this is nothing, wait until I get to the characters I really like. I swear, I feel like I'm the sole defender..*pouts*..but it's okay, he's shown his appreciation and NO, there was NO LIMPNESS INVOLVED. Creedy has CREE-SINS.. Whereas Cassius, as BLONDE put it, HAD THE B..Fortitude to take down a Roman Emperor..with some help. And believe me, THAT MAN HAS SOME BIG FORTITUDE!!! And it's in working order..just feel like i have to make that clear..
  4. Oh, look at you NORDIC playing to the sympathies..and yet..still CREEDY MUST BE GONE... and honestly Nordic, that pic is kind of hot of Cassius..and it also kind of goes to the Perv Potential as well... And honestly, think about it, if anyone deserves a vacation SANS DRAGONS..it's CREEDY, so think of it as a present..he'll be more MORE than grateful for it. *wink* **Marissa..THANK YOU!
  5. It will be..but can you see it now, it's Erik vs. Leonidas..or Beowulf vs. Attila.. It'll be like steal cage death matches!! **I do have to say this, I kind of wish it could go in the over 18 section, imagine if you will THOSE responses* It will be sad, but then you could do this..the final two get two weeks..or OR you can bring back someone recently voted off and make it a three-way. Or say, another game of Best of the Heroes. Like Beowulf, Attila, Leonidas.
  6. A wound..means nothing...maybe he lost one...of the twins. *cough* Nothing more. Creedy's were burnt to a crisp. oh..wait, wait until the heavy hitters come out..or it's Jackie Jr. or Johnnie, this is nothing..*it's making my head hurt already* I think the posts will be flying back and forth..but at the same time I think the voting will be a lot easier too..I don't know why. But it will be fun, oh yes it will.
  7. You are very welcome!! But see, THEY WERE CALLING HIM A EUNICH YESTERDAY, AND I HAD TO DEFEND HIM THAT HE WASN'T..AND YOU JUST DID, so thank you. His voice may have been the way it was from nature..not a wound..he was all man, and intact! Then HE GAVE THE PEOPLE A TAX BREAK!!!! Isn't that what everyone wants. See how good he is to the people. And so, he may have not dealt the death blow to Caligula..BUT LOOK HOW MANY IT TOOK TO KILL CAESAR. So, no worries there either.. CASSIUS--HE'S A LOVER, NOT A FIGHTER, AND HE'S EASY ON TAXES!! Whoa Nordic, I think you just gave him a great tag line!!! Thanks!! And exactly what was Creedy..oh that's right, the sidekick--but he did do one hell of a great Luke Skywalker impression. *cough* VOTE CREEDY
  8. Love the Attila..yeah, watching him ride is a thing of beauty *cough* And Johnnie, Definite Pro: he may be a lot of work..but damn you know he's worth it, plus aren't the ones that are a little bit broken the best. Plus the ups and downs, he's like a one man rollar coaster..and he does emo so well..you have to love him. The only thing better: TERRY-THE BAD BOY WITH A HEART..which, is like my own personal crack..seriously. Erik: Definite Pro: You give him some lovin' and I'll bet he turns into a Phantom Pussycat. Plus, he's usually UP and AWAKE all night. And, where he's been denied certain things, anyone who provides certain things *cough* will be greatly rewarded by him WANTING certain things all the time. *cough* I'm trying to keep it PG-13..and it's very hard. See, I like that list..I was going to do a list of what makes me NOT vote a character off.. Like.. *Has to have at least one redeeming quality (even if I have to stretch like an elastic to think of one) And I think that's it. Now what makes a character a definite keeper: THE SCOTTISH ACCENT IS IN FULL FORCE. and any sort of singing, dancing or various body parts on display. With the exception of CREEDY of course.
  9. I just love all these pics. Thank you so much for posting them!! And the shoes, yes I noticed them, but really, I was paying more attention to the man in them than the color of them. It's so good to see him out and about and smiling. Thanks again!!
  10. Oh no worries..believe me. Can you picture how this would be in the Gutter. Or better yet, how this would be if it was say, Chuckie vs. Johnnie. Oh OH OH..
  11. You absolutely do..but think about this..Cassius can get Chuckie thrusting for anyone or anything you like..he's already said he would. Just thought I'd add that.
  12. Uhmm..you made a mistake irish..you meant CREEDY Leslie, Forgot to Add..they may offer you thrusting Chuckie..but CASSIUS CAN DELIVER.. He's talked to the guys..Erik, Chuck, Attila, Leo..they're all ALL WILLING TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO DO..FOR AS LONG as you want them to as well. They like Cassius and don't want to see him go..He gets along quite well with Leo, Creedy on the other hand..not so much.
  13. Leslie, Forgot to Add..they may offer you thrusting Chuckie..but CASSIUS CAN DELIVER.. He's talked to the guys..Erik, Chuck, Attila, Leo..they're all ALL WILLING TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO DO..FOR AS LONG as you want them to as well. They like Cassius and don't want to see him go..He gets along quite well with Leo, Creedy on the other hand..not so much.
  14. Wait, just wait, until the heavy hitters come out..oh I'll remember all!!!!! And what the hell, did people switch. CREEDY IS STILL TOAST..ALAS HE REALLY HAS NOTHING.. CASSIUS WAS NEVER A EUNICH..they just said he was WOUNDED BUT NEVER ANYTHING ELSE. And wait, I love Chuckie, but BUT IF MY VOTE IS THE DECIDING VOTE...Mwwwwaaahhhhhaaaaa...
  15. Then it's amazing, Cassius is still INTACT THEN TOO. It's only fair.. and oh, have I mentioned he WEARS NOTHING UNDER THAT UNIFORM. VOTE CREEDY!!
  16. OH OH OH..Cassius has the brass, and the armor.. and exactly how did CRISPY'S STAY INTACT..HMMMM... I'm thinking of a word..starts with "r" ends in "aisin's" And I'm pretty sure they flaked off, or broke off...yeah, they're gone baby gone.. JUST LIKE CREEDY..
  18. Oh, wait, Leslie, I'll come up with something. And BYE, BYE CREEDY. CREEDY MUST GO!!!!!
  19. You don't play fair..okay..GLOVES ARE OFF..just a warning (but I do like your style ) You know, that's only one account..written history isn't always correct..that could have been someone with a grudge.. Because Cassius has a bigger *cough*following than they did.. And Creedy, it's okay, I'll be visiting Marty anyway..Creedy's a little CRISPY for my taste..seriously people..he's FRIED, and really, can you think about the MOISTURIZER BILLS ALONE for him, he's TOAST. CREEDY STILL MUST GO. NO ONE CAN SWAY ME FROM THAT. Even with the accent of hotness. He must.
  20. You know, I was thinking about a few of my guidelines say of keeping a character in play..one of them has to be the accent has to be present. Creedy has the accent going on. And yet, he's still going to Exile Island. Hey, Creedy goes this week, I hop on a boat and get to see him, then come back to Cassius..it's the best of both worlds. And with Creedy, you don't want to share but will have to. With Cassius, you may not want to..but still, he's used to all that...and wouldn't get so worn out like Crispy would. VOTE CREEDY!!
  21. This way, I can get Creedy on the island and have CASSIUS AROUND FOR ANOTHER WEEK.. You know that Crispy really isn't up for much anyway...aren't most of his VITAL parts singed from the flames that consumed him *cough* WHERE AS Cassius' parts are all in working order..and I should know. VOTE CREEDY!!!
  22. Creedy--the hits just keep on comin' for the poor guy. He did die a hero..so you know that on Exile when he gets there THIS WEEK, I'd definitely make a run over with some sunscreen for him. And then come back to the rest of the guys..INCLUDING CASSIUS, because he will still be in PLAY!! Leslie Vote Crispy, sorry Creedy..sigh, he was the trusty sidekick..and now he shall have to leave..Sorry Creedy, wait sweetie, I'll help you pack. Keep thinking..polishing armor, lots o' man leg showing..including a set of very powerful thighs, Cassius needs one more week..then he may be too worn out to stay.
  23. I could post a pic..but let me just point out a few things.. Cassius, while he did't have a lot of screen time, it being a fake trailer and all..think about this: Ancient Perv Potential, plus he was a good guy..oh and did I mention he's got a lot of PERV POTENTIAL just waiting to be tapped..he's a horse in the starting gate, all charged up..yes, he wears armor..but he let's me polish it for him..oh and I'm not sure he wears anything under that short SHORT uniform. Creedy, yes, he was the 'best friend', he does a MEAN Luke Skywalker impression and died trying to save people and children..plus, that accent was in full force..but alas, he's crispy now.. And Cassius is rip roaring ready to go. Vote Creedy! Thank you.
  24. Are you totally sure about that..like oh, that Ancient Perv Possibility doesn't cross your mind.. Creedy was adorable, and I do like him...but still, he has to go..really, he'll like it there--nothing breathes fire..unless you count heartburn from Sam's cooking. OH, OH.
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