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    You never know he may still do it, while it's great to see him in bigger roles, it's also good to see the smaller ones as well, plus he's got such a passion for this part, he may decide to do it to take a break from the bigger ones. Plus, it would be great to hear that full on accent, maybe it's me or it could be the roles he is playing, but from recent interviews some of accent isn't as strong as it used to be, that could just really be me thinking that. Either way he still sounds fabulous.
  2. How in the hell did I miss this thread..I gotta get my vote in. Sam is gone..oh Farewell thee Sam, and I think that MARTY may be joinin' you. Sorry Marty, but this week, you're gonna have to get my vote, it was the licking thing, while it's nice, the armpit though..yeah, sorry Marty but that's one more for you. AimeeMarie, did my eyes deceive and you said you had the Lucy (scenes) DVD? And PUSH UPS?
  3. Everyone is so supportive here, I love it!! I too have to quit smoking or at the very least cut down, smoking gets you in it's grips though and it's a hard task to quit. And I didn't see that bit about "300" the only good thing about E! sometimes, it shows it over and over again. Plus, I was flipping through onDemand and just noticed, they took the "300" trailer down, I have all the trailers but it's good to see it on TV, and yet, they have trailers up there for movies that are already out. I can't wait to see that intensity on screen, it's going to be one wild ride.
  4. I'm still waiting to see who plays the wife, I wonder who it's going to be. Whoever it is, she's going to be very very lucky..if it's anything like the book. I swear every time I read that Glenn Close is in it, it gives flashbacks to one of his Jay Leno appearances.
  5. That was one great interview. And believe me, I have no NO problem with him walking around naked either on film or not, it's all good. He worked hard for that body, and honestly he should feel proud to show it off, he may feel he won't or doesn't still have that same body-and maybe he doesn't honestly does it make a difference because he's the same sweet, generous, intelligent, giving, talented, funny and sincere man with our without the King Leonidas form. Personally I've always thought he looked great, he's what 6'2, he's a big guy, his form has always been in proportion. And I can't believe (actually I can) that perfect strangers would call him "fat", that's just rude. And I have to agree "star" is something that has been long deserved, I do hope that others will see what we've all known for a long time (I think 300 is the movie but I'm even happier that the dramas following it will cement it).
  6. Believe me, I'm counting the days myself, I swear Gerry was made for this role.
  7. There will be ashes and little tiny puffs of smoke in seats all around the coutry, and yet when it's reported the witnesses will say everyone went with a smile on their faces.. If for some reason I see fingers intertwined in that scene..I'm toast. That is all. But I'll probably be gone by then anyway, between the back and the shoulders alone..
  8. It's that tenderness of it that is making it so hot, well, that and those hands (the placement) the shoulder..etc..he did say in an interview it was hot..and I really think that SCORCHING is the right word. Damn! Okay, this pic has given me dry mouth. And I'm not in the over 18 forum yet--I just sent the PM..*sigh*!
  9. Okay I need to get into that over 18 forum like now.. It's that HAND oh god, the hand, and that tenderness of that touch and oh god, THAT SHOULDER..not to mention the look too. *yes I think that pic has cost me some brain cells, but they were well worth it*
  10. It really is one damn great cap from that movie. You will make it to March, you will..breathe, just breathe..but do yourself a favor don't think of the REST of that scene..
  11. Thank you!! So am I missing really good stuff? Note to self, must send that PM!!
  12. I love that they've lightened it so we can see much better, I think even in the movie it will be lighter than in the preview. But for me, that look is just so...it makes me swoon, and that hand, that touch looks just so gentle. *sigh*
  13. Thanks for the info. By the way, I love your tag line, it from one of my favorite all time movies, "Sabrina".
  14. Oh I'm definitely seeing that more than once..you have to to really catch everything, really you do If they do what they usually do, the DVD will probably be out by November for the Holiday buying sweep..holidays or not, I'm getting that badboy as soon as it come out. And Therese, I wonder who else is going to be in it, so far it's Gerry, Glenn and Giovanni...okay I did just notice all "G" names. But who is playing the wife?
  15. Oh, I can't get in, I'm logged in and all, do I have to have a different password for you..you can PM if you want to.
  16. Thank you so much for posting that!! I've been wondering about what is going on with that movie, and he mentioned "Unforgiven" which I LOVED, and from how he described it, it is sort of that, but instead of the gunslinger going to rid a town of a sheriff, he's a priest called out to fight vampires. Cool!! You go Gerry!!
  17. I was flipping between that and PoTO and saw it, it was good to hear the real story and that it really wasn't such a big deal to her, we all know the papers can and did blow things out of porportion so it was good that SHE got to tell what really happened. Added bonus, she mentioned Gerry and it was a good thing.
  18. I love that third one, that looks like such a tender moment, and from what Gerry said, it should be rather..HOT. I can't wait for this movie, not just for that scene but for all the juxtapositions of scenes, that scene coupled with the fact that he is probably going to war the next day, the mix of emotions in this movie makes it so much more than just an "action" movie. It's going to be great!!
  19. Debbie, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Know that there are a lot of people who totally support you and are sending you very very comforting thoughts. ****** That pic from "300", WHOA..that's all I can say, it's so much brighter than the one from the trailers..thank you swansong for posting that.
  20. I have a feeling that poor Sam is going to get his walking papers soon. Bye, bye Sam. Oh, that did sound evil.
  21. bellawolfe, that may be the best reply EVER!! And oh hell yeah, pass on over some of that Leo/Cassius Manwhich..because my above post--it's true, I will totally type until my fingers bleed to save Leonidas. It's going to get really interesting soon with more and more characters gone, oh this is just too too much fun!
  22. Sam is nice, don't get me wrong....but you have to think, is he worth it? Remember there are even tougher decisions to be made.. Once Sam is gone!!
  23. You all are cracking me up!! I love it. While Sam does have his merits, and yes, a good meal is a good thing, I have to side with hobbes on this one and keep my vote with Sam must go. *don't hate me*
  24. OMG, I love this game..okay, it's a hard one because I really love them all, and when it comes to it I'll fight to the death for Leonidas ..okay I'm exaggerating just a tiny bit, maybe not the death, but I'll defintely defend him with all I have...sigh..Leonidas..okay, where was I, who I have to vote off..Sam. *sorry I had to do it*
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