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  1. Thank you so much Zany!! I may be asking for another part..having to do with kinks and vanilla. *cough* But I really have to think that one up. I do apologize for any problems that would cause. Oh, I have it, along with "Admirer of Gerry's shoulders, GAL, add in: Gerry's warm as toast with a side of Kink and a hint of Vanilla GAL Because I'm from the East Coast where it's cold, so I like to be warm and well, have to add in the kink and the vanilla. If it's any sort of trouble though, don't worry about it.
  2. Oh I hope I'm doing this right.. My name would be "Admirer of the Gerry shoulders, GAL"
  3. I just read the transcript, between that and the messages for the boards and from what everyone has said about him, really, he just seems like the nicest man. I've never even met him and if anyone said anything negative about him I'd be pissed. Thank you so much for posting that!!
  4. Now that is one great great hug!! You really have to feel for him (okay, bad choice of words there ) but he's got at least 5 movies coming out in the next few years all of which are big, he's going to be so busy, just the press tours alone are going to be so draining. And did I mention that was one hell of a great hug.
  5. Hello everyone!! Just wanted to drop in and say hi! I'm still working my way around the site, but I have to say it's FANTASTIC!
  6. I only have a myspace to keep up with bands, but I added the 300 the minute I found out it was on there, and I'm so glad I did, I am literally counting the days until this movie opens-Gerry plus Ancient History plus this Graphic Novel, it's a combination for combustion! Yes, I am so going on that first day and I can't wait!
  7. Can that man be any sweeter??? So totally kind and generous!! That was just such a wonderful thing to do, thank you so much for posting it and above all else, thank you to Gerry for sending it. I really wish I had found this site earlier now, I've been a fan for so long and I'm just joining in the fun.
  8. Gerry deserves it, 2007 and I think 2008, is going to be HUGE for Gerry, plus there will be all the new interviews and shows and magazines, hopefully someone at one of these magazines will wake up and realize that he should be the sexiest man alive, I mean between the brains, wit and kindness alone, that makes him extremely sexy. Plus his looks don't hurt either. Even if he doesn't get it, think about all the shows and appearances he'll be on and have--that would be me trying to keep that positive spin on things.
  9. Naughty, but nice He could do pretty much anything and I'd like it..so maybe I shouldn't comment. And I've loved him in that pink sweater since I saw the clip on Jay Leno when he was being interviewed--I think he looks great in it, and not to meantion that kilt too!!
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