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  1. Late Pass for Me! Are there any large scale fan bases for any other actors? I would have to think Johnny Dep fans would have something similar. Any Dep fan I've met have seemed to be very commited to him!
  2. Stacie, Trix, Scorpio - You know it's mostly like the rest of you I'm sure, summer, work, responsbilities, some socializing and next thing you know summer has just breezed on by. Wish I could say there was a particularly masculine reason for my absence, but alas, the elusive male heterosexual species eludes me! Dog is surely womans best friend! Where is our hero? Left London is the rumor right? On to what?! A little break I hope. What is the very next movie release for him? "Naked Scot Goes Snowboarding"?! Ooohhh..... :KingLeo: Don't sit that sweet bum down! Unless it's on my l
  3. :intheshade: Good grief life's been challenging the last three months! I've been way outta the loop on here and doing back reading is very difficult and time consuming so I hope that all of you are happy and healthy and perhaps a little wise, or happier, healthier and wiser than three months ago. I am none of those things! But content, not dead and not stupider is what I'll take and be glad for it! I've missed fawning over Mr. Stubbly!
  4. geraholic66 - great video clip! The oracle is my favorite part! Stinking curtain sheers! Hey yall! So much back reading to do, I only do bits and pieces but looks like everyone is doing good. PS not til December that blows! Holiday crowd dollars, I get it, but making us wait that long....Where's the Butterly at? I've been busy at work and working out more, have a good schedule thats working for me finally, so I haven't had as much time to doodle online. My home computer is a problem also and on the list to be replaced! I just got a great big stuffy rocking chair, with bamboo pri
  5. Miss 10 days and miss so much apparently! I've haven't read back in further because I got caught on the Food Orgy with Gerry and Friends! WTF! :whochnuzzle: with some marshmallow in it?! I am the most boring person I know. This just confimred it.
  6. CanukGal, I don't count myself as a chick flick movie watcher either. Phatom, had drama to it which changes the chick flick receipe, for me anyway. Drama, action mixed in makes it right. He was really great, you'll see!
  7. I do like Mr. Bean! I hope it comes here. They swapped sexy for silly. Can't silly BE sexy?!
  8. Holy Crap! I have't seen a porno in a very very long time but would this be close?! The way you have the stills from 300 "bouncing"! You are a dirty dirty bird! I had to stop it, I'm at work! Aside from that, very nicely done. YOu should stick it out on YouTube! Must think about, bills, vaccuming, grout scrubbing, okay, yeah, that did it.
  9. Hey there! I caught the fever in January after watching Beowulf & Grendel, you've got to see it! He's so good in it! I have been slowly methodically catching up on his work. It's fun and fun to be on here chattin' with the other admirers.
  10. Enchanting Eyes - mad sexy sigey picture thingy! I still don't have this stuff. But yours is mad sexy! I wish my hair had that much body in it, if I was a drawing I suppose I could! That fact that you and your teenage son are so cool to hang out is astronomically amazing and enjoy it! Other things will catch his interest as his life builds and these will be great times to look back on that you've shared. To Vegas, to not Vegas...What's the average anyone's spent for the trip so far? With airfare?
  11. I'm with all of you! Great casual look, kinda unisex really. Can I borrow your sweater?! It'll go nice with my slippers!
  12. As long as Ger has on the gloves and a helmet (for the phone or what have you), he'll be okay playing the field!
  13. I'm diggin' on those great dark wash jeans, nice cut...! Those look expensive and oh so worth it. With sneaks and t's how comfortable is he?! Okay...casual chic. :goodjob2: Candid shots of me usually look like I'm bored out of my mind. A person can't always be smilin' on the outside, sometimes the wheels are turnin' in the old cranium!
  14. :ohbaby2: New Thread!!! Ah, more room to move around with my sexy self!
  15. Welcome home from your Gerryfest! Pictures, pictues, pictures...!!!!
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