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  1. Australian Cattle dogs do well in the dog shows on Animal Planet, a lot of winners. My furbaby, Lindsey likes to watch Animal Planet.
  2. This is our little old lady, Nala. Sadly she passed away on September 4th. (I haven't been here for awhile) We miss her terribly and so does her buddy, our Westie, Lindsey.
  3. They're all so precious. I've never heard of English Setters, they have beautiful coats. Here are my latest pics of Lindsey. I want to breed her at least once. She's sleeping in my son's suitcase. She and Nala, our Yorkie poo are best buds.
  4. We're all crazy and enjoying every minute of it!! Got mine today, haven't had a chance to watch yet. Hubby's glued to the baseball game, but he is a kind of sensitive guy.
  5. The image on your link isn't showing up, unless I'm doing something wrong.
  6. scotsweetie1

    Poop Eating

    My dog is 6 months old and since I've had her, the only problem I've had is that she eats her poop. The vet gave her some tablets (Deter) and I gave them to her exactly as he said, but it didn't help. If I'm not there the moment she goes, most of the time, she'll eat it. I don't know what to do, it's very frustrating. Any suggestions? I don't really have any suggestions. My puppy did it at first, but I think she just wanted us to know that she'd done something. She didn't really eat it, just brought it to us. I think the only time she ate it, she didn't really like it. Maybe she'll o
  7. aawwww, they're all so cute... Rayne your little dog looks like a cute little vampire lol I posted them on here before I think, but here are my two babies: Nala is a yorkie-poo and our little old lady at 12 years and Lindsey is our new puppy she's about 4 1/2 mon. now. She's a West Highland Terrier (Westie)
  8. Awwww, I can't get them to open!!
  9. Way to go indeed, Betts!! Congrats!!!! :goodjob2:
  10. She's a cross breed between a portuguese water dog and a poodle. And yours? You have to show me a picture! and kisses MJ Nala was just groomed here, otherwise her hair is long like your dogs. Her mom was a white miniature poodle and her dad was a Yorkshire Terrier. She's our sweetie. She's 11 and crippled up with arthritis poor old girl.
  11. It looks like I'm in good company at 5'3". Celtiberic Queen, your little dog looks exactly like mine. What breed is he/she?
  12. These are all hilarious, although I'm sure at the time NOT. Well, here's my story: When I was about 20 I had a classic Mustang '67. About 5 of us from work would all hang out at the one girl's house (because she was married and had a baby) I went over one evening and we decided to go the the movies. I left my car parked in her lawn by the road. In the meantime the rest of our gang came by and plastered it with shaving cream and shoe polish like I had just gotten married. When we got back I washed all I could see off the car, but while I was driving home I kept getting strange looks and peopl
  13. OMG! You are so talented. Really love the Atilla and the first one of Leonidas! :tasty:
  14. I don't have one yet, could I have Creedy's Dragon Gal I hope it's not taken! Thanks, sweetie
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