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  1. I know that you're away from the boards for awhile. But know that we're thinking of you!


  2. I had to go with Terry. You just cannot argue with that tongue. At least, I wouldn't. frenchy.
  3. Welcome to GALS, Lynn.

    GBFans is a great site. I don't post there, but I read.

    Good luck with the writing.


  4. Wow! Impressive! Congratulations. frenchy.

    Hope you have a fantastic day...and get to enjoy your cake.


  6. The expression on his face is excellent. But, am I the only one who wants to cut those dangling pieces of hair out of his face? frenchy.
  7. Stopping by to give you a return shout!

    Enjoy your Moanday.


  8. Spiderman...but who will be the fly? frenchy.
  9. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day.


  10. Reign of Fire JOTS is short and somewhat interesting. ROF, however, is long and laughable (but not in a good way). The G-man is the best thing in that movie. Once he dies, you can turn off the tv. frenchy.
  11. frenchy1212

    Thank you, GALS

    Happy Anniversary, Pilar! I, for one, couldn't imagine this site without you. I remember you from my first Movie Chat. You made the chat so enjoyable! You help to make this site what it is - a wonderful place to spend time. frenchy.
  12. frenchy1212

    Halloween costumes

    I don't know, this looks very familiar....maybe it WAS a bodysuit! frenchy.
  13. Mine was the High Priestess....if only! Great fun, thanks Hollywood! frenchy.
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