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    All things Gerry!!! Big Queer as Folk Fan!!!

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    Gerry's sunshine GAL
  1. is prowd to be here!!!

  2. thank you thank you thank you :dance: :tasty: going to my happy place
  3. He just looks extremely delicious to me ... what I was just wondering though is, did the interviewer say something annoying before the interview started, cause to me it seemed that Gerry was looking seriously pissed ... but got all excited when talking about 300. Also his comment on how he was of a different opinion with the interviewer and the person he spoke before (maybe that one was really annoying) .. ... can you imagine I really registrated all those things , when it is so simple just to stay quiet :tasty: and enjoy the loveable :inlove: features??? :dance: Don't know what I was thinking BTW thanks Perrin for posting!!!!!!!!!!!! :cleavage2
  4. I can only speak for myself , but the pleasure is mine take care , pia It's official ...
  5. betts, you absolutely touched my heart ... although I am a complete newbie to the GALS I was welcomed in so many different threads - it just amazed me how the GB love grows on all of us!!! thank you for sharing your feelings with us! love, pia :inlove:
  6. power number to me is 8 ... whatever that means to everyone else I am just reading a book about female symbolism around the whole world and it earns my respect - so the same with numbers - the meaning to every individual person is so special!!! ... but back to the really important stuff :inlove: can't wait for 300 to come to the movies here in Vienna - although we are a quite small country my lust for the english language is satisfied ... we have some OV-cinemas, quite a few pubs and a lot of funny english-speaking people visiting the city - never boring ... I've seen Sin City 2 times at the movies and got the DVD right after the release ... I am usually not into fiction of that kind, but Frank Miller always did it for me concerning comics ... so can't wait, counting the days to drool over this fantastic 6pack ... love, pia
  7. Thank you so much - yes, I am darn proud to be living here!!! It's small but I have got everything I need - well, to be honest not exactely everything but a girl can dream (wherever she lives) :inlove: cheers, pia
  8. Ey Marcie, no doubt about having a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong discussion ... I have to say I love love love your siggy - I am just watching Celebrity Poker with Sara Rue ... I like her so much more with a little more weight ... but I am happy for her that she lost so much - I hope she feels better now!!! thanks anyways for the warm welcome, cheers, pia
  9. Can you believe it??? I am still a virgin to this forum ... Trying to find my way around here! But it's funny to go through all those threads - you GALS r so darn adorable ... I would just like to give my 2-cents to this ... Gerry is one hell of an actor - not only the hottest scotsman I have ever seen (don't get me started on the scottish accent) but also a gifted actor (I have most of his movies on DVD). There are a lot of really good actors out there as well, but Gerry is THE ULTIMATE ACTING POWER to me ... I am looking forward to all of his movies and extremely happy to have found this site to talk about them! Cheers, pia
  10. It WAS, IS and WILL ALWAYS BE a hard and nearly impossible decision BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... since I fell for him in Dracula, this character will always mean the most to me ... those black curls, this look, those teeths ...... yeah, it's got to be Dracula!!! :inlove:
  11. UNBELIEVABLE - if possible he get's hotter every day where does that lead us????????????????? :inlove: I can do the 24/7 ... man where's my life??? thanks for the screencaps!!!!!!!!!!! :inlove:
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