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  1. Hi all you GALS! I am excited about Beowulf and Grendel in Las Vegas. I explained to our Convention Planners Extraordinaire how I had planned to come to the convention with other St. Louis area GALS and those plans fell through. Instead, my husband is coming to Las Vegas with me, and that means no convention for me. But I am very, very interested in the Beowulf screening, and I would like very much to know how I am supposed to get any details about whether or not the transportation is included in the $25 "outsiders" fee, when I am going to be able to pick up my tickets, and any other information the coordinators can share. Thanks so much, Beth N.
  2. Hey there! Just checking in to your Dressed to Kilt thread to tell everyone who has NOT had the opportunity to meet you personally that I think I now know exactly WHY your amazing story is so amazing! Folks, I have a theory that Gerry was just as fascinated with Donna as she is with him! She's beautiful and charming and naturally funny and engaging! I bet he could have listened to that accent of hers for hours and hours! And seriously, it would be a toss-up who can actually talk the longest...I suspect Gerry might (gasp) lose the contest! :: I'm so glad I got the opportunity to meet you in Scotland. It was one of the highlights of my trip. Take care, Beth N.
  3. Hi Susan, No, THANK YOU for fixing the pictures...I knew they were too big when they popped up there, but anyone can tell you my brain is Compus Non Nincompoopus when it comes to computers. So I'm glad you fixed it so that people can still see Larry in all his glory! In fact, I'm going to add my own picture with the little lecher. This was taken at the St. Louis airport before we arrived in Toronto, so Larry was still fresh and not yet in "lady overload". As far as Larry going to Las Vegas, his true love Mary would have to say whether or not he can go. I have permission to take him to Glasgow in January. And I HOPE to make it to Las Vegas for the GALS convention too! Just as a heads up, we have so many charming pictures of Larry in Toronto, that we are considering making him a music video showing him with all his lady loves. Keep your eyes peeled for that! Beth N. Edited to add: Okay, Susan has shown me how to do the infamous "captioned link"...this is my first test of the system! Larry just says Rwaaaaaaaaar, Baby! http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a169/coo...ue/DSC00575.jpg hmmmmmm...based on what I'm seeing right now (only an http:// link......) I failed at this as in MOST computer stuff. Will have to experiment more after work....
  4. And as long as I'm in "kiss and tell" mode about Larry and his adventures in Toronto, you all need to see him here in our hotel room with Kouklatart! That Larry is simply insatiable! Kouklatart was one happy camper, I can tell you, even if our room shower didn't work too well. Kouklatart and Larry ::evil grin:: Beth N.
  5. Hi Fergie! Larry spends most of his time with the St. Louis Tarts....lucky gals. If they couldn't go to Vegas I'm sure Larry would fly solo if they let him.....hehe! Yes, it's true that we St. Louis Tarts loves us some Larry! But that boy sure got around in Toronto! Here he is in Toronto with Zany...I mean SERIOUSLY!....Larry had been on Canadian soil about 10 minutes and he was already trying to make a date for Tuesday night with the the tall hot blonde. We thought that with 5 of us in one hotel room, he'd be way too tired to try to pick up other chickies, but Larry definitely had other ideas. We lost count of his conquests by Thursday morning. Zany, he was hot, wasn't he? Zany and Larry
  6. LOL..admit it!! Who was that saying "he's hot, he's hot, he's hot?" WELL, he IS hot though! Donna, I CANNOT believe you were standing right next to me the whole time and I never recognized you. Didn't recognize you on Friday either. I'm SOOOOOOOO disappointed we didn't get to say hi! I sat at my computer a few days ago, looking at your picture and just saying "Duh." When we go to Scotland, could you please carry a big sign that points to you and says " HELLO I'm Donna, SecondchanceTart,EmeraldEyes in case you are still a blind, blond nincompoop, Beth Newkirk!!" Thanks for the audio clip. Beth N.
  7. Okay, so I've posted in about every thread I can find about the awesome Tarty we had today with the St. Louis GALS. I wanted to show off my Sink the Boat, Ride The Phantom Tee...don't I wish our Flat Guest of Honor could have ripped it off for me!! http://ill.photobucket.com/albums/a169/coo...ue/DSC00244.jpg And here is a photo of our entire great group of GALS! http://ill.photobucket.com/albums/a169/coo...ue/DSC00287.jpg If you are interested in seeing a very funny pictorial of our wild day (well, if you read it far enough down, you can pretty well see accounts of ALL our get togethers!), produced by our photgraphy director Tart, Elena, please IM me privately for the address to her Xanga! Beth N.
  8. And yet another link for info on 300! I love that this particular article actually SAYS "it should be HUGE!" Beth N. http://www.canmag.com/news/4/3/1775
  9. These pictures are from the Italian Corner board. They have lots of side shots of Gerry doing his karaoke stint it Ischia, but I liked these head pictures from an interview he seemed to be doing in a garden. These are just a few of many shots of that scene. Enjoy, and thanks to the Italian Corner! Beth N. http://lnx.gerryscorner.it/cpg133/displayi...n&cat=6&pos=163 http://lnx.gerryscorner.it/cpg133/displayi...n&cat=6&pos=166 http://lnx.gerryscorner.it/cpg133/displayi...n&cat=6&pos=289 http://lnx.gerryscorner.it/cpg133/displayi...n&cat=6&pos=319
  10. I get so confused about what is paparrazi and what is not, because I just finished scrolling though all 13 pages of that site I posted. Many MANY of the shots are the ones that are sanctioned right on GB.net and in some cases they are also attributed to OTHER photo sources. I mean, I understand that candid shots in a private setting are not cool, but I'm not sure that a public street is private! And as always, our Gerry looks very much aware of the camera and not really a bit bothered by it as he just goes on about his business. So Sporran, if you're burning in hell for looking, please reserve me a spot in your flames...I'll be joining you shortly! Beth N.
  11. Hi everyone, One of my friends just sent me this link and I wanted to share it with my GALS right away. This man is just hot, hot hot! And if you've never seen that convertible...he looks right at home in it! I definitely would like to know what he keeps in that kewl little black bag he carries everywhere! Gerry, I know you need some GALS numbers in your little black book.... Beth N. http://www.isifa.com/index.php?bool_search...r=gerard+butler
  12. cootieblue

    Our pics

    Okay, Stef with an F has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen! And, I like the new haircut too! Beth N.
  13. But seriously Susan, aren't you much more interested in that SOLID finish? Beth N.
  14. cootieblue

    Our pics

    Okay, I'm going to take the plunge and reveal myself to the world as well, but only because I get to show off my Gerry picture at the same time...and you'll see by the goofy smile on my face just how thrilled I really was..... My fantasy, naturally, revolves around how Gerry would probably LOVE to get together with an OLDER lady from the Midwest! :stripping: Beth N. http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a169/coo...pril17-2005.jpg
  15. Well, I for one think he's absolutely adorable when he shows his totally human side! I guess I've been married too long to my lovely husband who will "suck it up" for special occasions, but who has a tummy just like Gerry's when he's relaxed! I've also read more than once that Gerry absolutely HATES to excercise and get in shape for his roles, but obviously he DOES it when he has to, so hopefully, we will have many years of The Buff Mr. Butler before he descends into Marlon Brando-ness!! I know some of ya'll hate to hear about "when I met Gerry" BUT, when I met Gerry at GOTL in St. Louis in April, I thought he was surprisingly and somewhat scarily thin, so I'm really pleased to see a little bit of extra padding on him right now. (LOL Ladies..."met" Gerry is a euphamism....I got to hug him and have my picture taken with him, not a darned other thing....10 seconds max!) Anywhhooooooo.....will someone please tell me the direct site to these pictures we are seeing in this thread? I'd love to take a look for myself. Thanks, Beth N.
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