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  1. Thank you for the lovely pictures of my beloved Andre Marek! Niiiiiiiiice....
  2. Happy Wednesday to everyone! Hope you're having a good one. I've decided that I'm going to cook a huge lasagna today, and extra spaghetti sauce so I can freeze most of it. I feel industrious today :headspin: Cheers! ::
  3. I have two: Il Divo and Ancora. I recommend both, they're equally good!
  4. Oh WOW! You won't believe this, I'm listening to that very song at the moment! I bought that CD a couple of weeks ago, then promptly went and got their other one. Just like you, it's not normally what I go for, but these guys are amazing singers (and okay, they're hot, too :tasty: ). I've been listening to them endlessly!
  5. Hey you! Glad to see you here, toots! :yippee: And good morning, GALS! Hope you have a nice Tuesday!
  6. Believe me, if I could get away with it, I would do it! Heck, I would have done it already! But they watch us like hawks, it's terrible.
  7. Well, hello! Thank you about the avatar. I try very hard not to lose hope that one day we'll actually see Burns being made, so this is helping a bit :: Hope everyone is having a good day today. I'm enjoying my first day of vacation, taking it very easy. I may watch Timeline again soon, always time for some Andre Marek! :mopboymarek: I know I'm going to see Beowulf again (3rd time) on Thursday, I can't wait! Thank you for the lovely Beowulf pictures, btw. :tasty:
  8. Hi everyone! I have been terribly busy recently, so I was not able to stop by as often as I wanted. But I'm on vacation now, so I hope to be around a lot more! I hope you're all well ::
  9. That's always harsh news, no matter what. What you said before is true, it makes you face mortality, usually when you least expect it.
  10. Hi everyone, and thank you for the warm welcome! You're all great, but then I expected nothing less from you :: I don't know why I've never been here before, but I have a feeling I'll be here often!
  11. Oh, I'm so excited I'm beside myself! I'm really hoping it opens it next Friday, though I haven't seen anything about it yet . But if t does, you all know where I'll be next Friday! :beowulf:
  12. Funny, neither have I and I'm not new at all! I thought I would change that, so here I am :: :mopboymarek:
  13. That is amazing! Congratulations, everyone, for your hard work!
  14. I don't think he made it there either. It would be impossible for him to go and not have one single picture taken. I'm just hoping he took it easy. He should be back in town here today or tomorrow, as shooting resumes on Wednesday.
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