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  1. Hmm---tough question,Pil. I think he remained a virgin after Christine left him. My opinion on this is(And PLEASE do correct me if I am wrong.)that Erik was eternally heartbroken by letting Christine go that he could never love again and so,I think that he remained alone until the end of his days--until many years later,he returned to Christine's grave to place the rose with the ring on it to show that he still loved her but he could not love another because his love for her affected him so much. ((Okay,what I said seemed a little confusing,didn't it?))
  2. Hello to all my fellow Lair sisters. How I missed you all very much--I have not been on lately and I deeply apoligize for that,I have been quite busy. But now I have some time in my life where I can tell you some great news. A couple of weeks ago,I recently spread my creativity of my poems. At a show at my school,I recited two of my poems and the response was great--every one I knew loved them,I hope to be posting more often on here and I will also be posting more poems hopefully. It is great to be back. Oh and I have been questioned this by one of my friends,which I am not quick sure how to answer them. One of my friends simply asked me,"Was the Phantom troubled in his love for Christine? Was he ever sure of his love for her?" I explained to them that he was somewhat sure but he was heartbroken because she loved another--he was really sure but because of his past,he felt wondering if she would love him if she truely saw his scarred face--could she ever love him with what lied beyond his mak? Emily, Innocent Angel of the Lair, and 'The Phantom's Blossoming Rose'
  3. Welcome Oceania to the lair. Always good to see you here,you will love it here in the Lair. There is so much creativity and wonderful stories that relate to the lovely Erik and the Phantom of The Opera,if you love Gerry and his portryal of Erik,you are in the right place. Hope to see you around the lair a lot. Emily, Innocent Angel of the Lair, and 'The Phantom's Blossoming Rose'
  4. My choice was tripping on the staircase,I am a very clumsy person and I would SO do that...that response is so like me...of course,I think my friends would push me on accident and then I would fall and see Gerry in front of me...I am sure my friends would laugh so hard if that happened...
  5. Emily


    Congrats Mel! I am very happy and proud for you...congratulations. *hugs* :hug99: Wishing you for much successes in the future. from Emy.
  6. Thanks,pilar. *hugs* I feel so much better now that my week is over...I had to deal with someone who was calling Erik emo or emotional and always sad...I was so mad...but now I am back her in the Lair...I am so happy!
  7. OMG,Pilar...I agree with you...that pic would be incredibly awesome if it showed Erik without his mask. Seeing this pic has really made my day...lol...well,it has actually made me feel better about my week...((I had the worst week ever!))
  8. OMG,that picture has also made my day...I love the Red Death outfit....thank you for posting this picture,Deb and you are right the picture is very nice to look at...
  9. :erikrose: Aww...I love that song. Seeing those pictures with the lyrics to such a wonderful song has made my day...I loved that scene in Phantom and I am reliving when I first cried during the last scene.
  10. Whoo hoo, Deb...your graphics are showing up now! I know, Emily...aren't those siggys cool??? Swannie They are! I would so have those in my signature if I ever had a chance....lol But I am in an artistic mood and I need my newest sig for inspiration...Speaking of artistic....I have created poem number 12...whew...I have a lot of creativity that I did not know about...In my room alone,I cried... Tears rolled down my eyes as I felt no guide. Holding my feelings in was too much to hide in my heart... I knew that forces tore me apart... There was those who hated me... How I longed for his embrace badly... The embrace of a love who I could no longer hide from... While I cried,I knew I could not be calm. No poem or song could describe how I felt. When I thought of him all I could do was melt... But he loved another...one more beautiful than I... All I could do now was cry... I loved him...but I could not tell him... For I knew my chances that he would love me back was slim...
  11. OMG,Swannie...I almost fainted when I saw those pics...I just noticed these right after I watched 300 on DVD...lol
  12. I think you will enjoy some of my poems...Okay,my fellow Lair Gals,take a look at my new signature and tell me what you think...
  13. Thanks,Erica. That poem and the very first one I wrote has inspired me...I am currently in the process of making a signature with the lines from my first poem... I think you will find my poems scattered from thread #3 or #4 up until now...
  14. Thank you very much for the complement about my poem,RoseGirl. That poem is about poem number 11 that I have written...
  15. Hello to all my Fellow Lair Gals...how are you all this evening?((Well,it's close to midnight to the next day where I am?))I am very wonderful...I have been gone for a few days...I have been really stressed lately and I needed to relax. I am back and am more relaxed then ever...I have even gotten a lot of muse for more lovely poems for you all to read...here is my newest poetic creation. I hope you all enjoy this poem like all of the others I have written... Silence was all that was in his lair tonight. The candles before us shining bright. As he held me in his arm,my head laying on his chest... It made my heart feel at rest. I could hear his heartbeat...soft and steady. The silence was broken."Emily"He whispered softly. I could no longer look away from his eyes. Every time I looked into his eyes,my heart flies. I could no longer deny it any longer... Erik was indeed a charmer... For in my heart,I wanted to tell him what I felt... But those eyes of his made me melt...
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