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    I love Broadway, Classical music and Video Gaming. I love anything and everything to do with The Phantom of the Opera. It took me 4 years but I finally saw it on stage! I dont care what other Phantom Phreaks think, Gerry is one of the best Phantoms to ever sing the part of the Phantom. And last, one day I hope to be an editor of GameInformer Magazine.

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  1. MoonGirl

    300 in Fifteen Minutes

    That was Hilarious! I have POTO in 15 minutes and laugh still everytime I read it. This one has now been added to the set!
  2. POTO is addictive! And you are not alone either CanuckGal, I cry everytime I watch the movie. ( sometimes I have to be alone because my sister and best friend will be like " What is wrong with you!" Lol.) I felt like such a dork opening night seeing it at a theater, I was a running waterfall! LOl! It doesent get any better seeing it on stage either.....Still cried! LOL!
  3. Gerry would be an awsome Snake! My dad heard about it on tv the one day and He loves that moive, He thikngs Gerry is a perfect fit for the role. Im so giddy abou the movie he has coming out. P.S. I love you, Priest! I can not wait LOL! DOes anyone know what happend to Burns??? I used to see posters for it but now thier gone.
  4. Football Princess, you did have a boring audience LOL! My whole theater cheered when she stabbed him. There was clapping and some of the guys in the theater were whistling. lol My favorite line from Leonidas was : "There is no reason we cant be civil about this!" and when he meets up in the begining with the other army "You see my old friend...I do have more soldiers" Lol.
  5. I saw it last night and was absolutly pleased! Lol. You guys are saying it all. The movie was a visual masterpiece ( the CGI was amazing!) And Gerry did a excellent Job. I loved everything about this movie. My sister and me were standing in line for the movie and our theater had four different areas for 300 lines set up. The whole expeiriance(sp lol) was awsome!
  6. OMG! I love that t-shirt...Im going to go submit my name now! LOL! Thank you for making this contest!
  7. Oh Yeah lol! As soon as I read this I ran to the living room and set my cable box to record! LOL!
  8. Hi Moon!! I have to ask, are you into World of Warcraft? lol, shame on me talking about that on Gerry territory. Luv your pic!


  9. Hi MoonGirl and welcome to GALS! I'm from MN too! Have fun!!

    Linda (calmwaters)

  10. I think if I were a Genie and Gerry got to ask of me three wishes that he would want...... 1. Peace in his life, to be in complete utter bliss that hewould knows hes happy and that all the people he loves are happy as well. 2. To find true love, of course, though, what guy doesent wish to find thier soul mate lol. 3. And for his final wish I think he would want more time to be with his mom. Having a scheduale(sp) like his he must miss her! And now If things were to go in my direction and I were to approach(sp lol) this my own way........lol As a genie, I would realize that Im a genie and would use my powers to make Gerry my own...yeah, I would so take him as my own lol!!! And he would be my love slave! (THATS RIGHT! I know all of you would of done the same!!!!!LOL) :inlove: Then again, I can only dream lol
  11. Ive been watching that auction since it started!! Lol, I bet like 30 bucks but since its gone over 2,000 I think its clear I did not win it lol. The script is a special one, this is what it says about it on Thephantomoftheopera.com The script that director Joel Schumacher used and annotated during the filming of "Phantom of the Opera the Movie" is to be auctioned on Ebay, signed by him and bound in beautiful leather! All proceeds from the sale will be going to Cancer Research UK. Im trying to track down one of the scripts Midnight Diva recieved from her daughter. I used to see em all over the place, now I cant find em.....
  12. It really sucks that I cant go! Lol, Ive read so many good things about it too! (Stupid family trip lol). If theres gonna be one in 08 though Im so going, I dont even want to think of how lol!
  13. Im hooked on G4tv lol. (Im a video game freak lol). Theres a video on the page about Frank Miller on Sunday March 4th like redroseblackribbon said. Heres the link for anyone interested.... http://www.g4tv.com/icons/index.html
  14. AW! Your little crying smily makes me all sad. All of our stations on my tv cycle Gerry movies like crazy, Ill get a whole bunch of Gerry goodness then go weeks while the movies circulate back to HBO. I dont have showtime or Cinemax.
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