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  1. One more to add. According to this blog, there's also going to be a screening tonight in Los Angeles :)/>/> Click here
  2. *PING* Maybe because we've been seeing each other 'in person' more often, LOL! :)

  3. OH EM GEE I haven't left you a message in over two years? What's this world coming too????

  4. Susan you are the Queen of the Phantom Pheasts!!! Thanks again for doing this.
  5. Now that all the L.A. MGP festivities are over, it's Redux time!!!
  6. Do you have a facebook profile?

  7. Thanks for your message Christine!!! I would love to meet you. You were born in 71 too! This was a big year for us huh? Bleh. :)xoxo, Lori

  8. First things first, big thanks to Happy Happy Joy Joy for the heads-up on this giveaway. At this time she’s on a romantic European holiday with her hubby, yet she still took the time to take care of her “girlies” back home with this little golden nugget of info. Second, this is by far the easiest way to get FREE passes to an actual Gerard Butler movie premiere AND the festivities immediately following. Hooray for Hollywood (and MyFm 104.3)!!! All you have to do is register on this local Los Angeles based radio stations website which I’ve linked here: http://myclub.1043myfm.com/asp2/Regis
  9. Hello....I'm going to be in LA in early March for the premiere of gerry's movie Playing the Field. Hopefully we can meet while I'm there.

  10. I have one to add and Mr. Butler is scheduled to attend! It's for 2 MGP screeings with Q&A's this Friday and Saturday in the Los Angeles area.. My sister told me about it so I asked her to send me a picture of the ad. A friend of mine has her tickets already for one of the dates and she did inquire about the Q&A and Mr. Butler's attendance. It's all legit! (It better be after all this posting I'm doing LOL!) Edited to add the Arclights website: Q&A at the Arclight w/Gerard Butler
  11. Hehe, no problem I hope you had a really lovely day!! :) xx

  12. I am really impressed that Gerard ventured out to a So Cal beach on a Saturday, and this close to the official start of summer to boot. Even the natives play hooky from work so as to avoid the weekend crowds. Yayee for him!!! Cute doggy!
  13. Thank you for my "Happy Birthday" wishes back in April. LOL! You're sweet!!!

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