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  1. OH EM GEE I haven't left you a message in over two years? What's this world coming too????

  2. Thanks for your message Christine!!! I would love to meet you. You were born in 71 too! This was a big year for us huh? Bleh. :)xoxo, Lori

  3. Thank you for my "Happy Birthday" wishes back in April. LOL! You're sweet!!!

  4. It's been 9 months since I left you a message. I could've had a baby! "Hi!"

  5. Hi! You're my only "friend" here on GALS. LOL! Just wanted to pop-in for a visit, plus I'm totally lost in this new format. You don't look 43 Lisa you look 23. Just thought I'd mention.

  6. Just making sure it's still you.

  7. Wow! You and I need to check-in with the GALS more often. I didn't realize that I left a comment in my own bloody profile that was meant for you. Dork!!!

  8. 7 months to Redux 6??? That means only 6 months until my funeral, er I mean, wedded bliss. CRAP!!!

  9. Oh if I could only post a picture of yourself in here. You would be so mad at me!!!

  10. Oh I like the company I am in! Friends are good! Take care.

    ~ Lori

  11. Thanks for leaving me my first (and only) comment! LOL!!!

  12. Holy cow woman! I had no idea you were a member here!

    Happy Birthday!

    Love ~ ?????

  13. Welcome back Susan! Now on to Phantom Pheast #2 right? Yippee!!!


  14. GAH! I've been staring at your avatar forever! I actually blushed thinking Gerry was winking at me!

  15. LOVED the pink dress you wore at the convention.


  16. Thank you for my birthday wishes! Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!!



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