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  1. One more to add. According to this blog, there's also going to be a screening tonight in Los Angeles :)/>/> Click here
  2. OH EM GEE I haven't left you a message in over two years? What's this world coming too????

  3. Susan you are the Queen of the Phantom Pheasts!!! Thanks again for doing this.
  4. Now that all the L.A. MGP festivities are over, it's Redux time!!!
  5. Thanks for your message Christine!!! I would love to meet you. You were born in 71 too! This was a big year for us huh? Bleh. :)xoxo, Lori

  6. First things first, big thanks to Happy Happy Joy Joy for the heads-up on this giveaway. At this time she’s on a romantic European holiday with her hubby, yet she still took the time to take care of her “girlies” back home with this little golden nugget of info. Second, this is by far the easiest way to get FREE passes to an actual Gerard Butler movie premiere AND the festivities immediately following. Hooray for Hollywood (and MyFm 104.3)!!! All you have to do is register on this local Los Angeles based radio stations website which I’ve linked here: http://myclub.1043myfm.com/asp2/Regis
  7. I have one to add and Mr. Butler is scheduled to attend! It's for 2 MGP screeings with Q&A's this Friday and Saturday in the Los Angeles area.. My sister told me about it so I asked her to send me a picture of the ad. A friend of mine has her tickets already for one of the dates and she did inquire about the Q&A and Mr. Butler's attendance. It's all legit! (It better be after all this posting I'm doing LOL!) Edited to add the Arclights website: Q&A at the Arclight w/Gerard Butler
  8. I am really impressed that Gerard ventured out to a So Cal beach on a Saturday, and this close to the official start of summer to boot. Even the natives play hooky from work so as to avoid the weekend crowds. Yayee for him!!! Cute doggy!
  9. Thank you for my "Happy Birthday" wishes back in April. LOL! You're sweet!!!

  10. That scene was in the version they screened on 1/31 misty. I can't imagine they would cut that. Very hard to watch but pivotal character reference. Was that you? I remember her being a red-head. Excellent excellent job! Yep! Unless they refilmed it with someone else. Thanks for letting me know it was there! Ms. Mills we may be conversing on two different sites so I want to cover all my bases and answer you here too. I just heard from a friend who was at last nights screening and your scene is still in there. We both agree it was a hard scene to watch. Kudos to you and Gerard for making
  11. That scene was in the version they screened on 1/31 misty. I can't imagine they would cut that. Very hard to watch but pivotal character reference. Was that you? I remember her being a red-head. Excellent excellent job!
  12. They'll be screening MGP again at the same location next week. Can't wait to see more reviews!
  13. Swannie, definitely Gerard was the lead in this film. I've been praising Michael Shannon because I didn't recognize him as Gerry's junkie pal. It was great to see them together. Gerard's portrayal of Sam Childers made me feel like a lazy oaf who after the movie was over was going to get into her safe car, which took me to my safe house, just to go to bed, get up the next morning and go to my safe job and do that over and over for the rest of my life. Not that I'll be going over to Sudan anytime soon to help those children, but you know what I mean. I walked away thinking about the cri
  14. I love that idea!!! I sent an email making the suggestion. Here's the link if anyone else wants to send one. Go to the "Be On The Show" section to the right and click on the appropriate header. http://www.oprah.com/oprah_show.html - Delene I was looking in all of those boxes for upcoming shows and couldn't figure out which one to use but I did find this Producer page to fill out for guest/show suggestions. Sorry if I'm being redundant. Oprah Show suggestions I'm wondering since this is her final season if they're even taking anymore ideas.
  15. Swansong I hope Musik's posting helped with some of your questions. She words things so much better than I do. Personally I loved seeing Gerard in this kind of role. As Joycee had pointed out he was a complete creep at the beginning and to see him make the transformation to this hero-type warrior was really awe-inspiring. At least to me it was. In the focus group there were a lot of people who compared MGP to Hotel Rwanda and Blood Diamond which were both nominated for several Oscars. I would love to see MGP follow suit. I would also love to see if part of the ticket proceeds go towar
  16. Hiya Joycee and welcome! There were actually a few members of GALS that were at the screening Monday night, myself included. I agree with you 100% on the situation in Sudan being horrific. Excellent comparison. I was accompanied by my husband and we were both approached by the "Film for View" company to stay afterward for the focus group. We did. GBPhanatic there were 24 of us in the focus group and a small majority gave the movie an "Excellent", with the larger majority going with "Good". A very small percentage (just one person out of the 24) said they didn't like it. I hope that
  17. It's been 9 months since I left you a message. I could've had a baby! "Hi!"

  18. That's two years in a row you missed Lisa! Bad girl! I'm sending the Phantom out to get you!!! (wait...that defeats the purpose). I'm sending Buquet out to get you!!!
  19. Hi! You're my only "friend" here on GALS. LOL! Just wanted to pop-in for a visit, plus I'm totally lost in this new format. You don't look 43 Lisa you look 23. Just thought I'd mention.

  20. So cool!!! Coming from a Halloween bride I luv the idea of getting married on a national holiday! Congrats Izzabeta & Mr. Izzabeta!!!
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