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  1. Gerry, May your day be filled with lots of happiness and love. May you be surrounded by loved ones and people that make you smile. Have a wonderful day and La-breith sona. Happy Birthday!!!! From a Fan In Las Vegas Nevada.
  2. That's great that he made the list... Even a man that desired gets bad dates and thats what makes him just freaking adorable.. We all knew it he is hot.
  3. holy cow I totally missed it again. Gerry keeps coming to Vegas around the block from me and I keep missing him . One of these days I will get it right lol..
  4. All I got to say is that I cry my eyes out the entire movie, with a few laughters session is between. As for the fishing scene well I got to say I never was taken outdoors on camping trips or fishing for that matter, just because the men of my family didnt seem to think that a girl should be doing that. But is never too late to go do it, in fact camping along with fishing is on my "to do list" or the bucket list lol....
  5. All aside I know I am as bad as a sailor when it comes to cuzzing especially if drivin. I swear people are sometimes stupid, counting myself too lol... Okay reading the post on the bird when did he stop smoking or did I read that wrong?
  6. Man I just cut my long flowing black hair last month I should have left it alone lol...
  7. I was just about to say that. I have that picture somewhere.
  8. I love that he is grounded and that the spotlight of Hollywood hasnt corrupted him. Way to go Gerry
  9. Welcome to GALS Helly I totally agree even when he is being a bad boy he looks so damn good
  10. I have officially made the middle finger pic my mandatory picture. I just love his badassness lol...
  11. May the year to come bring you all that you deserve and the happiness of goals attained. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!
  12. I know I would be a total girly girl, giggling and trying not to blush. And if brave I would probably make a pass at him. Hey if you get a chance why not right.
  13. Okay here is my thought actually Jenny's thought, cant take the credit lol. How we thought about that maybe she was cold and was hiding her face from the cold i mean it was NYCity. I know that if that was me I would be doing the same thing since I dont like the cold.
  14. LOVE LOVE this interview, really nice. As for the ending whoa :tasty: yep our Ger just advertising that he has a nice one or what was it he said a huge c**k. Doesnt he know that we know that already just look at his hands damn....
  15. I just saw it and he looked a little pissed off. I notice that he is well armored now, meaning bodyguards. I wouldnt call him a bitch a sexy beast maybe lol.
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