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    Everything Gerard Butler, of course.... :)<br /><br />Photography, Arts and Crafts, Computer Art and Graphics work, Budding interest in making Fan Music Video's, Designing and Sewing for myself....(I make all my own gowns and leisure clothes) Motorcycles, The Beach, and The Imperial Court System

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  1. LOL, I just read your personal statement.

    That's awesome.

  2. Good for Him. It's going to be an uphill battle, but I'm sure he can do it. The only way I was able to quit smoking was when I had my leg broken totally in half, and spent 9 days in the hospital where the cravings passed in a haze of pain and drugs, so, since I wanted to quit anyway, I just never felt the need to pick it up once I was out. LOL..I don't recommend that way to anyone tho.........but it worked for me, especially since I had tried everything that came down the pike previously and couldn't quit. You Hang in there Gerry. I'm sure it will be a bit difficult being around Ms Heigl, especially if there happen to be any love scenes, but if you truly don't want to smoke, Hopefully the smell of it on her will repulse you enough to keep you from picking one up again. I know Iit works that way for me. Meredith
  3. LOL.........Loved that remark and totally agree Meredith
  4. Thanks for posting this. I'm SO looking forward to this one. All of them actually!!! Meredith
  5. Thanks for the Link (my used-ta-be hometown station) and the information. Nice that Our Boy is making Lists all over the place. Meredith
  6. It's a shame that it was never widely released in the States. It's a good movie and keeps one on the edge of their seats. The ending is a kicker. I already own the DVD. Personally, IMHO I think it would have done well in the theatres......but I'm just part of the ticket buying public..... And of course a Gerryholic M
  7. Nice that Gerry is getting the recognition he deserves M
  8. Thanks SO much Everyone, for sharing. For those of us that can't get to a premier, it's a great way to feel closer to the action, and to just read about your experiences does help to make us feel like we're there sharing in it too. For everyone that was actually there...... You're SO Lucky to be able to see Gerry in person....I envy You all. I can only imagine what it must be like...... and I can bet that I'd be just about holding my breath the whole time while trying to soak up his gorgeousness, get pictures, and try to actually say something coherent. Thanks again for the first hand reports, pictures and video's. Perhaps one day we'll ALL get that privilege. Meredith
  9. Thanks for the posting Perrin....and Pheonixgirl.....and Everyone else out on that coast that will be going you are SO lucky to be able to attend. I do hope you are all able to get close enough to Gerry to count his eyelashes...........and get great pictures, Good Luck and Enjoy!!! Meredith
  10. This one sound like it's going to be a very interesting movie to see. Anything with Gerry in it will be good for me....... Meredith
  11. Happy Birthday, my friend!

    I hope all your Gerry dreams come true!

    Hugs, Vanessa

  12. Meredith13

    Vote for 300

    My Vote is in for 300 M
  13. Excellent. I guess I'd better get started then. I've been "away" from the scene for a bit but now I can come back full force and with a video in hand, to boot. Time to go in search of some fitting music ...... Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend All.... Meredith
  14. Love Josh in Las Vegas TV Series.... Love Gerry Butler in ANYTHING...... Hmmmmmmm...just imagining the two of them in a movie together. Yummy!!
  15. There's not much I can add, that hasn't been said already. Just having Gerry on TV again is wonderful. Any time, any movie.......... works for me. Phantom is the one that did it for me too, as far as discovering and becoming enamored with Gerry, and I've been hooked on him ever since. I never got to see the Phantom (or Gerry in anything else ) on the big screen, but certainly made up for that when 300 came out, and will be right there whenever anything else of his hits the big screen. Even tho I have the two disc set of POTO, I will be watching it all on the Hallmark Channel, anyway. Too bad it won't be rereleased in the theatres. I'd LOVE to see that on the BIG screen. I'd given that thought brief hope once 300 was such a success....but, Ah Well.... Any screen works for me when it's Gerry......especially in the Phantom of the Opera Meredith
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