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  1. Gerry is Celt of Irish decent. Because of history his ancesters were forced to flee Ireland thus GB being born in "Glasgow". It was Gerry and his talent that got him where he is today. Lets not forget his mum and his gram. I travelled Ireland and Scotland, met and talked to people that could have accepted Gerry as a proud son but in both countries he was ignored with an exception hear and there but the influence lent to GB from the public media was nill. Gerard as far as we are concerned is a A-lister here in the states and with his OMG his fans. In MHO it was Gerry and his all around raw talent got him where he is today. If his fan sites such as GBgals were a help we will never know but we do know we pegged a "super star" ahead of any industry on the planet. Gerry will rise above and set his own foot print.
  2. Reading this interview I pictured his smiling face. Gerry you work very hard you deserve the success.
  3. Gerry's accent is his job, not Gerry. If he stays in the States and works with Americans the American accent can become second nature to him. When and if he returns and lives in Scotland the Scottish accent will return too. When I travel I start to pick up the accent of the local I am in. Being an actor Gerry is tuned into his surroundings, peoples voices are important to his craft.
  4. It depends on the individual's life style to stay fit or not. Wether they are engineers, policemen, actors they realize their appearance is important and they have to "work at it". If it means going to the gym at 6am or bike riding up mountains, many people do that. They are very aware of what they eat and the nutrional value. In Gerry's case he is lean and a large boned man. I think Gerry is pretty good he just has to tone up the "abs" and "clense" if he is required to go shirtless in a movie. The "report" is just so immature and it should be given the worth of its value, nothing. Movie making requires a sexy male to be successful and Gerry is working non stop.
  5. Why didn't I go to the next post--nyc premiere on thursday???? We know Gerry is pretty spectacular but on two coasts at the same time, who would have guessed he had it in him. I also am laughing at JA & GB being an "item" but their names are out there. Is it called "show" biz.......
  6. Is Gerry going to have his own advice column? He said a mouth full in the artcle.
  7. As an out sider I have to say it is just hype ( think Gerry is saying the same thing). I really don't see Jen as his combustable opposite, hope she is on film.
  8. OK, OK I'll pop over to boarders tomorrow if not later this evening. GB just seems to amaze me. He is there and every where and nobody knows who he is IN THE MOVIES. The man on the street say GERARD WHO but the industry and the money people know who he is as well as GBgals.
  9. A tip of the helmit to GB Gals for such a successful convention. Gerry lite the fire but it was GB Gals and the work they do that needs a big thank you. Gerry in his heart of hearts recognizes this and he didn't have to "reminded" by Alan or hit over the head to make that phone call. I'm sure that GB Gals is savvy and know the ropes as do most people that post. It is good to express your thougths about this aricle. Keep up the good work and this is a great vehical for very intelligent and caring GB supporters.
  10. The UK press will put everyone under the umbrealla of being British if you are sucessful. The talented successful Irish have been sujected to this robbery for many years. Back to The Bounty, don't care what comparisions are being made to her former spouse or the films he was in. JA is pitiful not only in a movie but on TV and in the print media. I really think she has stepped way beyond her "acting" abilities. I just hope and know that Gerry will save this film.
  11. So much of this public display of charity is the new way to get publicity and to make the public think you really care. It is a net working frenzie hoping they will appear on page six for their short lived careers. Just the nature of the game, nothing wrong with that. I think GB.net and GBgals do a bang up job for selected charities in Gerry's name. It is part of GB's business and more so since he became a producer. In Gerry's case you gotta do what ya gotta do, make appearences even if it is in one door and out the next. I do not pretend that this is Gerry's case but it is the nature of the business. The "G" man I'm sure has his georgeous eyes wide open and is "looking" for every opportunity, if you get my drift.
  12. Boring, boring, boring poor Gerry, what he has to endure for his art. GB I bet you rather rummage through a thrift shop or read a good book or even check out GBgals. Was there anything there that was appealing, didn't look that way.
  13. Fashion design demands creativity, personality, originality, individuality. This picture sure dosen't show any of that. I find it ugly, boring, depressing and I am in a good mood. Is GB looking for the EXIT sign, I know I would. Just having a "little" fun. cheers
  14. GB lives in Manhattan when on the east coast. All of these events (parties) are in Manhattan, so he does not have to go too far. I suppect GB is an night owl so he is in his element. The morning is an other story BUT he soldiers on. His manager's partner is in the "rag biz" so what ever support he (GB) provides probably helps finance "Evil Twins".
  15. "how depressing" not a brunette in the bunch. Are the girls a variation of a clone?
  16. He looks fantastic BUT my burning question is: How does he get that leather jacket to have that lived in look, it's a "new" one on me. It has that LA weight about it and it is cropped. I am laughing just thinking about the amount of clothes he has for around the world. When you think of it, his "uniform" is "loose jeans, T-shirts and leather jackets. Don't mind me just look at the time.
  17. He looks rested at least but not like the lean, hungry Gerry of April of 05. He is racking up one project after another and the monies should be piling high. Wonder how soon it will be before he returns to India. Did he leave something there?
  18. What sticks with me is Richey's dialog. It has a voice of it's own that set the pace for the piece. The marrige of the underworld speak and the music are running through my mind at this moment. A very creative and original movie.
  19. This film is cool and hot at the same time. Hot for the ladies and cool for the guys, broad appeal. BOX OFFICE GOLD
  20. If LAC is as GOOD as the Gerry chained picture we are in for a pretty damn good film.
  21. Gerry lives a very interesting and stimulating life but he lives from piller to post. His production company is his new baby that keeps him in high energy that he loves. Sure he will sit and dance in a club and whatever but it is like a ship passing in the night. Batteries recharging, charged I'm out of here to conquer an other mountain. Love and smooches to mom and family perhaps a home cooked meal a day listening to music in the back garden, man I'm out of here. He is a very talented, intelligent young man and he has the drive and passion to forefill his own exceptionally high expectations. He is a standout wherever he is.
  22. awake and movin but that's just it. perhaps a crash after LAC, back in town as a big film star. wonder if he can relax anymore and just read a book. his reading choices probably make him think too. music, movin, midnight now that's the ticket...
  23. First viewing was in London, second in the States. Now I watch snippits here and there on DVD. At this juncture I value the originality of Guy Ritchie in his writing and directing. It is really a smooth movie. Diversivied, many characters, many locations even though it is an old story line it just ozzed financial London and a fairly contemporary looking citizenary "The Wild Bunch". Gerry of course just shines everytime he is in a frame. Must admit I still find his accent getting in the way in some scenes but in other scenes to hear him say calculator and robbery makes up for everything. For a change RnR was not just a Gerry fest, the entire movie was really good and kept my interest. I hope Guy and his creative skills have more good projects for Gerry. Soon we will find out if Gerry and his production company will come through with interesting films, LAC for starters.
  24. I would go with "Game" which is the focus of the film. The fact that it is a futureristic possibility (2010) makes it very exciting. "Citizen Game" dosen't make sense. "PLAY THE GAME" like your life depended on it. You could build an excellent publicity campaign with that.
  25. Everything Gerry says is just common sence and understandable especially when he speaks about being in a "relationship". He comes across as being honest and he seems to know himself even if it is through trial and error, he learns and keeps reaching for those stars, he is competitive a workaholic a high acheiver. He is fearless a fighter. There is a lot churning in that brain and gut of his. He is always looking for work, he is always climbing a mountain as he has said I can do that and he has. He is very good looking and talented. He is a very good role model. Why did I say "MODEL" sorry.
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