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  1. Talk about turning on a dime. So that is what a flirt looks like, I thought he was just Gerry, " I know you want to kiss me". Well, you can kiss me after you buy a ticket to 300.....that's a deal. Gerry is a winner...go 300
  2. how about "the blond" at comic con in July...new publicists??
  3. If he is this way with the camera rolling can you imagine him when he off camera. Oh! he thought that was a warm up, a rehersal....Thank you Stef
  4. Is anyone else still wondering how to counteract the cheap shots given Gerry by that John Dingwall, Butler Battles the Bulge "interview". If you want to keep it under the lust category, just look at Gerry in the photoes in Italy, would you turn "that" away if given the chance, even if it were to just have a twenty minute conversation. I noticed an interview that followed by an other reporter the term "fat" was mentioned again. "Fat" can be used but when it comes to describing a celebraty it is meant to be demeaning and absolutely disrespectful.
  5. I was not pleased with the tone, spin, slant of this article. I have been reading many of Gerry's interviews and Mr. Dingwall's reporting reflects Mr. Dingwall's personality not Gerry's.
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